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I receive tons of e mails and comments with regard to this weekly Blog - started during the Covid 19 Close Down in March 2020 and it has continued ever since.

It was designed to keep in touch - to keep informed and to amuse - and I am glad to say from your comments, you seem to enjoy and look forward to it.

Thank you for all your kind and thoughtful coomments as it does make me feel the ton of work is worthwhile and not just ignored.

If you would like to send me your own atrticled, editoprials , promotions . poems and anything you feel we would all like to read and share, pictures - anything, and I will see if it is to be shared and oput it on the Blog Pages.

You are all very welocme to be a part of this - not a passive partner, but an active partner in your own life journey.

Too many are ' go alongers' and just ' go along' with what everyone else is doing - saying - enjoying -and many do not have a voice and do not speak up for themselves.

I am a gobby faggot who more than makes up for the quiet ones and am accused of being opionated -


Take an interest.

R ead and follow the news.

Have an opinion one way or the other.

Do not be afrauid to stand up and be counted.

Do not cry away and complain from your hole you hide in and bitch at those who do - while you do fuck all and don't.

Jealousy is such an iugly emotion.

Envy is actually a coimpliment.

Resentment just eats away at the individual and all these negative emotions are to be owend by the person responsible and not thrown at others.

It's you life.


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