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What happened to make you give up on helping others ?

What happened to make you give up on helping others ?

No more.

When I ran a small family hotel years ago and some customers you go way out of your way to help and assist and then they lave without even so much as a tip and I consider that really rude. So now, I state in advance that this is NOT free service and there will be a cost involved if they do not at least consider the time taken and tip. Basic for my time is now £50 an hour, take it or leave it.


Gay hotelier

Like you. I ran a gay B&B many moons ago in London. This was back in the 70's and 80's. I always offered a professional approach to business and was shocked how amateurish and unprofessional staff at Gay Times were and the condescending patronising manner they offered us advertisers. I would go out of my way to be as helpful as I could and in return was met with down right lazy, ignorant and thieving staff who took my money and looked down on me like I was a piece of shit.

I stopped advertising in Gay Times, after winning a great deal of money and went into the offices and spoke to the editor of GT at the time, and could see exactly why the staff were that way, it came from the top as he couldn't give a shit about how his staff had acted and when I told them I had just won over a million £ and they could go fuck themselves with their rude - lack of - business acumen. I left and never used their services again. Gay people in business can be appalling and I will never own or run a gay venue ever again.


Helping others

I have always been known as a soft touch and always offered help to gay men coming out onto a scene that can swallow them up and destroy as quickly as anything, - as many end up damaged goods because of the very community they think is actually there for them, when we all know it is not.

So when someone comes and asks for my help and guidance and then ignores and ends up loosing everything - his job, rented flat, car and everything, and when I hear back from people it is all my fault - which bemused as I was not the reason he lost his job, he was on the fiddle and go sacked, lost his flat as he had no rent and ended up homeless and in a hostel in Early Court - I once again reached out to help and he bit my hand off blaming me, and this was when I opened my gob and spelled out the truth that he was a thieving bastard who had screwed a small family firm causing it to go bust and he was a nasty piece of work and as far as I was concerned he could stay where he was as I was not willing to help - and the look of horror on his face when it became aware I was not going to be helping any more and he was on his own. That look delighted me, in a horrid kind of way, and I have never helped him since.

Thankyou was obviously too much.

After nursing a friend who had the flu and spent in all about 3 weeks in bed and then another couple of weeks in recovery, I felt it my duty as a friend to help someone who couldn't even get out of bed, let alone look after themselves. I spent my nights there as well, sleeping on the couch and there if they needed me. Zoom forwards a year and now I have Hep A and I am non contagious but exhaustion sent me to bed and for over 2 weeks I was washed out. My friend was nowhere to be seen even though he knew how ill I was an how I needed someone and he came round one evening, and I was thrilled, except all he did was drop his trousers to show off his new jock strap he was going to a gay sex club in and wanted my opinion. Not a single word as to how I was or anything.

I opened my gob and let him have it full force about how I looked after him and THIS IS WHAT I GET WHEN I AM ILL, and all he could say was that no one asked me to look after him and that he felt he owed me nothing, so I asked him to fuck off and leave me alone and never - EVER come round again.

My name was shit after that until people heard the truth and it came back and hit him hard when others ostracised him for his behaviour. I will never ever help him or anyone else again. It is just too painful when they abuse and do not even say thanks, from the heart.


Where Have I Seen That Before...

"I posted a futon on marketplace and the first person that hit me up gave me a sob story about needing something for their kid to slee "I was only asking $20 for it but they asked if they could get it for free." "My wife and I agreed to give it away, so I took it to our meeting spot at Home Depot."

"2 days later this guy had the futon posted in marketplace asking $50." "My wife and I Facebook stalked him and his wife and every time they posted it, we would hijack the listing letting everyone know the story of how they got the futon." "I don't give sh*t away anymore, no matter the story they give me."- archie

Circle Of Duplicity... "I stood by my best friend when she cried to me about her husband cheating." "And he definitely was cheating." "They stayed married and said they work through it." "Six months later she was f*cking my husband behind my back."- superwhovianlock

You Never Know Who You Can Trust...

"Was donating baby/toddler clothes to a mom in need through one of those Facebook donating pages." "She didn't have a car, I did so I drove 30 minutes away to deliver the stuff all for free." "Got in a bad accident less than 5 blocks from her house." "So I texted her to see if she could come get what she was able to because my car was totaled." "She wouldn't walk the 4 blocks then reported me to the group and got me kicked out for 'not following through'." "I ended up with a fractured sternum." "Yeah, f*ck that sh*t, never again."- LifeIsSweetSoAmI·

It Was Ok The First Time... &q