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Grumpy Old Man

We all saw the comedy programme entitled ' Grumpy Old Men' where they interviewed scores of TV personalities ( older men ) about what they hated and what irritated them... and here area few of mine...

When someone asks, deliberately, if you can host a certain weekend they have suggested, and then they do not attend themselves.

When you get people complain you have nothing for them and when you ask what exactly are they looking for, they haven't a clue.

( So I am suppose to read their minds and find what even they do not know they want. Brilliant !!! )

Those who constantly find fault.
Those who see everything as half empty.
Those who bitch and moan but have nothing constructive to add.
Those who resent and envy because it is not their venue and they are not the ' star of the show' - or at least as they see it.
Those who take all their personal troubles out on others.
Those too afraid to admit the truth and speak openly and honestly.
Fake Call Centres whose whole aim is to con you out of your money.
Repeated call centres trying to change your utilities, ten - twenty times a fucking week.
Idiots who phone during lockdown to see if we are open.
Women drivers.
Screaming children
People who do not wear masks in supermarkets etc.
The police claiming to be so busy under lockdown when crime has drastically fallen, so WTF are they complaining about ?
People who drive hundreds of miles for a day out - under lockdown - when they should NOT be driving anyhere other than local shops.
Families with a caravan thinking they are going to park it outside Hamilton Hall in the road and enjoy a free holiday...
Rude and obnoxious council workers forgetting who they are working for.
Banks that charge the customer as much even though we are expected to do ' on line banking' so the banks can cut staff and offer a vastly reduced service.
Utility Companies that charge £25 if you want a printed bill.

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