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What irritates you ?

There are many things in life that irritate. There are many things that get our blood boiling, Many are serious and demanding while others are trivial and insignificant in the bigger scheme of things. But it seems it is the little things that so annoy.

Here care some of your pet peeves....

"My password failing 3x, the site requiring me to create a new password, and then when I choose the password I just tried, the site says I 'can't use the current password.'"


"When you’re trying to click something on a webpage and an ad pops up between the moment your brain tells your thumb to apply pressure and your finger touches the screen."

When bathrooms only have those disgusting air hand dryers that don’t even dry your hands. They’re so unsanitary. And then you have to touch the bathroom door handle with wet hands."

"Businesses will be so wasteful and not give a single fuck about the environment in any other way, but suddenly when it comes to providing paper towels to dry your hands, they’re all save the trees." "Netflix...the way it just starts playing the preview or clip of whatever's on the screen. I don't know why but it irritates the hell out of me. I just want to browse in peace."

"When I walk past a door and my belt loop or clothing gets caught on the handle."

When the heating comes on yet its a glorious morning and now it is not just too hot, but wasteful of the energy.

Call Centres that call out of the blue - unwanted - and flap around asking how I am today when I am not in the mood to tell them. Just get on with what they want then I can tell them to fuck off and hang up on them.

"people not using turn signals."

"Just 15 minutes ago I was impressed that a cab driver used his left signal at a 4-way stop so I figured I could cross safely on my side of the street."

"Naw, he just drove straight through and nearly hit me, not making any use of his left turn signal."

"Someone telling me to do something when I was just about to do it. It’s childish but it pisses me off so much lol."

I can't stand it when people willingly do the things that annoy them.

Like boarding the subway before commuters get off at their stop. They'll block the doorway to give themselves the advantage of getting a seat on the train.

When I'm in a rush and a pathway isn't open for me and the stream of other straphangers also rushing to debark behind me, I'm this close to using my elbow instead of my voice to warn door guards to clear the way.

When someone tells me how to do something without being asked and I was about to do it that way anyway.

The way my dog plays deaf unless it is dinner time then she can hear just perfectly.

My Mother-In-Law - one of the most difficult and cantankerous women I have ever come across.

Bush. Blair. Cameron. Trump. - Just some of the names that make my blood boil just thinking of the damage they have done.

Karen's. Oh how Karen's make me want to slap them hard and wake them up.

Cruelty to animals. Liars in powerful positions like Trump who lie all the time. People. In general, most people irritate me.

Self Service Cash Checkouts. If I am spending money in your store I expect a little service and not do it all myself -OR- 0ffer a 10% DISCOUNT if I do the work and you save on staff wages.

Arrogance from anyone in the Service Industry, Hospitality Industry, Flight Attendants - Shop staff especially those behind the beauty counters - Garage mechanics - Customer Service Arrogance and so many more. People with money who haven't a clue about not having money and patronising the poor for being foolish and poor. Poor people who assume anyone who works hard and does well financially is a money grabbing asshole, when they deserve all the luck they get if they work hard and deserve to do well.

Jealousy and envy are so unattractive.


Thanks for your input above. Send in your answers and we can upload any new ones...

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