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WHAT IS PROSTATE CANCER? How many people does it kill?

This is typical where women get prioity over men and mens health comes as second place and while thousands die a year because of lack of education, lack of input by the NHS and a complete lack of interest by your local doctor who does NOT offer a screening test and one has to be demanded whereas women get an automatic health check for breast cancer yearly while we men get fuck all. Men and womens health are on two different levels with women getting priority every time.

How quickly does it develop?

Prostate cancer usually develops slowly, so there may be no signs someone has it for many years, according to the NHS.

If the cancer is at an early stage and not causing symptoms, a policy of 'watchful waiting' or 'active surveillance' may be adopted. Some patients can be cured if the disease is treated in the early stages. But if it diagnosed at a later stage, when it has spread, then it becomes terminal and treatment revolves around relieving symptoms. Thousands of men are put off seeking a diagnosis because of the known side effects from treatment, including erectile dysfunction.

That and with such poor education and such poor demands by the NHS for a yearly screening that it MASSIVELY goes unnoticed for a long time and often, until it is too late.

Tests and treatment

Tests for prostate cancer are haphazard, with accurate tools only just beginning to emerge. There is no national prostate screening programme as for years the tests have been too inaccurate. Doctors struggle to distinguish between aggressive and less serious tumours, making it hard to decide on treatment. Men over 50 are eligible for a ‘PSA’ blood test which gives doctors a rough idea of whether a patient is at risk. But it is unreliable. ( More to the point, at 66 years of age I have NEVER BEEN OFFERED ONE OF THESE EVEN THOUGH I HAVE PROSTATE PROBLEMS AND AM ON MEDICATION FOR THIS, BUT NEVER OFFERED A PSA TEST - AND THIS IS APPALLING. )

Patients who get a positive result are usually given a biopsy which is also not foolproof. Scientists are unsure as to what causes prostate cancer, but age, obesity and a lack of exercise are known risks.

It is also appalling that while women get all the health screening imagineable, men are left with NOT being offered any kind of screening test even for known problems like this. Men - it seems - get a 2nd class service compared to women.
If at any time you think yuy may have a problem, DEMAND ATTENTION from your doctor and do not be oput off with silly meds that do not work or that kill your hard on and does no good at all. Demand a propper screening test for cancers and bowel problems and make sure your doctor knows you are not going to be put off with bullshit reasons why not - as it all comes down to costs.

Thank you John for highlighting this cancer, signs are often neglected by men and put down to 'just getting older'. Prostatic cancer will kill you. It is often slow growing and found in older men 80 plus and as it grows slowly natural death usually comes first. However it is now appearing in younger men. The treatments like RARP. (robotic assisted removal of prostate) have horrible side effects like incontinence, erectile dysfunction and sterility. Second line treatments like radiotherapy have side effects, like damage to bowel, hormone treatments are not a cure, they can only slow down the growth of the cancer and the side effects include brittle bones, hot flushes, lose of confidence, depression, hair loss, the growth of breasts and anaemia to name a few. So please get yourself tested as test is quick and straightforward whereas treatments are aggressive. Hormone treatment is not a cure and is only to 'manage' cancer along with pain control.


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