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What is the Nullo cult? Horrifying castration group discovered in UK

A bloody cult with origins in Japan has been found in the UK, sparking fear amongst locals as the police continue their investigations. What is the Nullo cult?

A raid in north London has resulted in the arrest of seven men involved in a terrifying cult.

Part of the Nullo cult, the seven individuals have been linked to castrations filmed by their ringleader named 'The Eunuch Maker'.

The Metropolitan police spent three days at the Finsbury Park basement flat, collecting what a neighbour described as 'computers and laptops'.

It is alleged, that the removal of body parts were carried out in the basement and screened on a pay-per-view basis online.

A Norwegian man, known as The Eunuch Maker is thought to have undergone the operation himself.

The 44-year-old and six others have been arrested but released on bail.

It is the first Nullo group of its kind to be discovered the UK, but looks to have taken inspiration from the movement's founder in Japan.

What is the Nullo cult?
Nullo is shorthand for genitalia nullification, with those who follow the cult calling themselves 'nullos'.

The group in London is likely to have been inspired by the movement's 'poster-boy'.

Mao Sugiyama, a Japanese artist, had his penis and testicles completely removed and served to the highest bidder a decade ago.

He wrote on Twitter: "I am offering my male genitals (full penis, testes, scrotum) as a meal for 100,000 yen (£800). I'm Japanese."

"The organs were surgically removed at age 22. I was tested to be free of venereal diseases. The organs were of normal function."

Ultimately, the meal was split between five diners at a 70-person banquet in Suginami, Tokyo and guests were charged around £160 per person for the meal garnished with parsley.

( JB: Oh My God.... Was that with a starter and a pudding or just the main course ... and - what wine goes with cock - a nice fruity white or a more heavy bodied red ? Or maybe we should ask Anthony Hopkins from Silence of the Lambs about the wine... )

Sugiyama donned a traditional chef's uniform while carefully frying his organs on a gas cooker.

It was reported that a married couple were among the diners. Cannibalism is not a crime in Japan and Sugiyama was instead charged with indecent exposure. -

( JB : WHAT ????? Well he can never be done for exposure again as he has nothing left to expose... )

The discovery of a Nullo group by police has horrified locals and it is not known if they are, or are not, part of a wider community in the UK.


John Bellamy Responds


WTF ? I have heard and even experienced some pretty weird stuff over the years and as a former sex worker dealing in Dungeon Room Sex - I have to confess to doing some weird and wonderful things myself but everything - even all added together, pales into absolute insignificance compared to this - madness - and madness is the only word I can think off to describe this. I can get my head around someone wanting their cock and balls removed - kind of - transsexuals - even fucked up transsexuals - but not in this manner and not by serving it up for others to enjoy as a meal ???

While I love sucking cock I do like my meat still attached and still with a blood flow - you know - ALIVE AND RESPONDING - and this insanity goes beyond anything I have ever experienced - or wish to experience - thank you - and mental health has to come into this some place. Or is this endemic in Japanese culture ? There are some sick and twisted people out there and while the UK gets itself into a dither about a joke told my Jimmy Carr, this sort of lunacy is going on. That is what offends. That is what grossly annoys. People will ignore real abuses and do and say fuck all - but will bitch and moan and be all offended - 'Oh I am SOOOOO offended ' - about a joke and say and do NOTHING about REAL abuses going on right in their neighbourhood.


I think people really do need to prioritize what it considers right and / or wrong and what we do about making changes as this kind of lunacy is beyond belief. Absolutely beyond belief.

John Bellamy


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