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What to watch and how to choose,.

With so many channels on TV and then we have Download, Netflix, Paramount Plus, DVD's, catch-Up and - well thousands of channels available, how do you choose which channel to watch

Here is Phil, our resident at Hamilton Hall, choosing what to watch and below some other pictures of guys watching TV naked.

When we go into a bank we expect the staff to dress in a competent and decent manner - a professional look. The staff are just as able to do their jobs if clothed or naked but if naked, we kinda get sidetracked and assume they are less able, and all because they are naked. When I sit at this desk putting together this weekly Blog / Newsletter, I am always dressed as anything else would distract me.

Maybe I am not naked enough, although having been a sex worker and ran a clothing optional venue I certainly have a great deal more opportunity than many - although I rarely go naked.

I suppose when you can - you don't.

When you cannot - you want.

About 60% of guests that stay go naked at some time and especially in the summer months as after all, Hamilton Hall is the only clothing optional hotel in the UK offering sexual, spiritual and self development for mind, body and soul exclusively for men. It is not just another vacuous clothing optional venue after your money and offering sex - as Hamilton Hall offers so much more than anyone could ever dream of.

So share with us your naked stories and let's all learn together.


John: First time I stayed I stripped off in Room 3 and nervously came down stairs feeling so exposed and - naked - and my dick was half hard and my balls were flopping about and it was one of the most sexciting times. I discovered you dressed and we chatted and it all seems so natural and you didn't appear to stare at my junk or to flirt with me or grab a handful and I was so relieved it was not going to be some molesting sex crazed place as I have found before where the owners are only doing it to get more sex for themselves. Other guests joined us and before long I had forgotten I was even naked and that was a first for me, to actually forget I had no clothes on, not a stitch - and it was so pleasant and free. Thank you for those memories and the wanks I have enjoyed since re living the memory. Russell.


First time naked. Decades ago,. 18 years of age camping with some straight male friends. I was not out. 6 of us camped in the New Forest. Shared 2 tents. Hot summer. Camped by the river. The others stripped naked and swam and I joined them. They noticed me looking at their penises and we all innocently compared sizes. This ended up in the evening all around the camp fire sharing a Circle Jerk as it is called, a wank fest to see who could come the furthest. It was all just innocent fun, non gay, just teenagers discovering their sexuality and being completely open and honest. It happened a few times again after that and every time, is as clear in my memory as if it was yesterday. All the guys eventually married and had families. I remained single and gay. I was not invited to any of the weddings and most lost touch quite quickly after they did. Happy memories though. Gerrald,.


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