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What was the first thing you did when you got a phone with a camera ? X RATED

The answer to this seems quite straight forward.
Judging by the plethora of pictures drowning the internet, it was to TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR GENITALS.

Why are men so fascinated with their cock and balls ?

It is nothing new, as just watch young children - boys always seem to have their hands down their pants - playing - from a VERY early age while girls I suppose do not, because they have nothing to play with ...

( Freud says women suffer from Penis Envy... - Whatever!!! )

Men are emotional cripples when it compares to women and we like playing with our willy until the end of time, gay pr straight. Many men, because of circumstances, being married and living a sexless existence - their dick and sexuality has to take a back place in their daily lives where as gay men - well - it is often all about cock and all about the next shag and all about hedonistic pleasure.

A straight friend of mine has lived a fairly sexless home life since getting married and having 2 daughters. Sex was never an issue for his wife - as she didn't want it - but it WAS an issue for him and unless he was prepared to part ways - he had to put up with it, and it became a household joke about how frustrated he as - and in different circumstances and this can easily lead to abuse, child molestation and pedophilia... simply because for a married man who strays - he can loose everything and yet - if wife offers little affection and sex is metred out as and when SHE feels it needed to keep hubby quiet - is an appalling abuse - A WIFE WHO DENIES HER HUSBAND SEX IS AN ABUSER - and that's not to say she has to have sex just because her man wants it - but keeping anyone in slavery to YOUR wants when you KNOW it creates and causes tension and disharmony, is unhealthy and an abuse - and as we gay men can find sex anywhere and it is easy whereas for a straight man to find sex, it is very hard and has a very high price to pay if his wife finds out.

These men are simply looking for some affection, some physical touch and some sex - which should not be too much to ask / expect from your partner and if one of the two goes off sex - intimacy etc. then CHANGE THE GOAL POSTS - OPEN THE RELATIONSHIP UP - DISCUSS WHAT IS HAPPENING AND DO NOT JUST EXPECT YOUR PARTNER TO UNDERSTAND AND GO WITHOUT JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT IN THE MOOD - and don't give me the crap about it being two ways as of course it is and no one should be made to have sex against their will BUT when in a relationship, you -

DO NOT just change the rules without discussing things with your partner, you DO NOT just take things upon yourself and not share with your significant other and if you don't , then take responsibility for the fall out -

as otherwise this is bound to destroy many relationships and all because of a lack of the most natural thing we all enjoy - A GOOD AND HEALTHY SEX LIFE - AS NORMAL - AS NATURAL - AS BREATHING - YET SO MANY CONSIDER IT X RATED - DIRTY - ABUSIVE - AND CHILDISH when it is those who say these things who cause the problem as they do NOT offer sex to their partner and then wonder why things go shit up in their relationships.

Men are often fascinated with their cock and balls. From childhood and NEVER - EVER - let anyone try and put you down for enjoying your own physical body. It is the prude, the small minded who moan and usually out of some religious rubbish - or quite simple - jealousy. HERE ARE SOME MEN WITH THEIR CAMERAS AND I DO WONDER HOW MANY READ DOWN TO HERE - AND HOW MANY JUST SKIPPED STRAIGHT TO THE PICTURES... HA HA

John Bellamy


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