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What would you like to see ?

Here is another chance to let us know at Hamilton Hall the sort of event you would like us to host and that YOU would attend.

No use suggesting something that you are not going to attend as that is just a complete waste of my time.

If you can suggest something we may not have thought of - let us know, and with your help and guidance, maybe we can make this come true.

If you can even co host - that would be wonderful or even host your own event here and we will provide the facilities and it's a win win for everyone.

Some mention that all we do here is sexual and my answer is funny how they completly ignore the scoers of pages and events on this web site that have nothing to do with sexuality and how they have chosen to concentrate of the sexual while ignoring everything else, and that - my dears - says a great deal more about them than it does about us.

You see what you look at and if you only concentrate on one thing, then you will only see one thing, but if you open up your mind and your awareness and your conscious congnitive abilities to be more - then you can experience so much more, and that is the gift of free will - we all have a choice.

Life is a strange thing. There are many opportunities and many avenues we can take and sometimes we get it right and at other times we may hit a dead end and have to back up a bit. There are no guideposts and no road maps to life but there are guides who come and go from your life some for just a moment with a pearl of wisdom to share and others will hang around a little longer and may even be there throughout - and it is up to us, up to each of us , to recognise these messages, these people, these lessons that are to be learned and each of us is responsibnle for our own journey through life and no one else is.

Many hand over control of their life and their destiny because they are too damned lazy to actually make a decision and stick with it and it's much easier when things go wrong to blame someone else, and to avoid responsibility. That is a coward. that is someone who has probably never made and struck to any decision they ever made and for whatever childhood reason, are unable to grow up and live their own journey, prefering to ' go along' with what everyone else wants.

Those of us who are forceful and demonstrative and move forward with our journey with very little input from others - are often seen as arrogant ONLY because others envy, resent and are jealous that someone knows their own mind and is prepared to live a life based on their own decisions and not ones offered by those whose own arrogance is that they know better. No one knows better about my life than me . Thank you.

I do have my haters and all because I speak up and have a valid opinion and many resent. I am like Marmite.

The LGBTQ commuinity is no such thing. There is no community. There use to be back in the 70's and 80's but that has had a slow decline - a slow death of cancer by internet dating killing of the bars and clubs - killing of the gay hotels, as people meet 'on line' and no longer visit the bars and clubs and once closed, and they are closing at an alarming rate - there will be no centre for LGBTQ and no cohesion holding our community together and eventually we will be just another homogonised part of the bigger picture and our own LGBTQ history and culture, blended in with everything else and lke so much of history, it will be replaced with white mens version of the truth and the actual real history and culure of LGBTQ will be soon lost forever.

There is one way we can r ebuild a community, even if a small one, and that is here at Hamilton Hall where - for a few days or longer - depending on you - you can find a place where you belong, where you deserve to be, where you can speak up and find your voice and w emay tease and we may cajole and we may help yolu with finding your voice and with a freedom rarely flound in the oputsode world, you are welcome to express yourself and find yourself here at hamilton Hall. Non jidgemental and always accepting.

John Bellamy



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