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I have met guys whose whole lives are fucked up and all because they had a small dick. One friend from decades ago hated - with a vengance - his
own brother ( both gay ) as his brother was born hung like a horse while my friend was not and the visciousness, the hatred, the bile he would throw at his brother every time they argued, which was a lot, and it all came down to penis size. It really did. His resentment completely destroyed their relationship and they lived in different cities as adults.
I have had friends who were so well hung it was a handicap. Too big to suck and never - ever - experiencing deep throat - and often too long to fuck with and where they only get to use half of its length, and that is a waste.
I had a client who was a mansion of a man. 6'5" tall, very broad and muscular and a huge man, truly a big guy, handsome and really impressive - and he had the smallest dick I have ever seen on a grown man, 2 inches at most and his balls were still half in, they had not dropped properly, and he was such a nice man and such a gentle man and loved getting fucked, which was just as well.
He claimed his dick never got hard as he did too much toot ( cocaine ) which stopped him getting hard, and whatever, it was a tiny tiny pecker and because of his size, looked even smaller.
You are centre stage if you are hung, and in any fuck - bar / sauna / sex setting, it is the hung guys who mostly get the attention.
It may not be right, but is often the case.
You may not like it and you may argue against and come up with all sorts or arguments against - but then you are proving my point and you are one of the less well hung people, or you would know what I say is true and would not argue the point. Some extra hung guys hate their dick and would like it to be smaller, but to be honest, after 2 decades running a gay escort agency, there was no work for small dicks but there was as much work as they could handle if they were hung and as much as people will want to argue against this, facts are facts and 15 years as a full time sex worker, you learn what the public - the PAYING public, want - and what they don't want.
The main thing that clients did not want from their 'paid for sex partner' - was attitude - as that's the biggest turn off.
Some guys with big dicks have that sexual arrogance that can - at times - be appealing and sexy. Some guys with small dicks can also have an attitude, an aggressive attitude, and then they wonder why no one wnts their attention long before they even see the dick.
Then there is the occasional married( wife and kids ) / gay man who assumes all gay men must be interested in their pecker, which we may well be, or we may not be... and they do not get it when you say no.
There is a lot of resentment - and all because of dick size, when really, as long as it works and as long as you have fun with your dick --- love it - find out what you can do with it, try new things and tell anyone giving you an attitude about your dick size to 'go fuck themselves.'
Small or large - enjoy your dick, your way.


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