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When the police threaten the victim, you know something is very wrong.

A shopkeeper who caught a thief red-handed and trapped him inside his store claims he was threatened with prosecution if he didn’t let him go.

Jarnail Singh Atwal, 67, dragged the suspect back into his off licence and locked him in.

CCTV appears to show a tall hooded man swiping an item from a shelf in Broomhall Off Licence in Derby and stuffing it in his bag before walking outside.

After his wife spots the move and alerts him, Jarnail Singh Atwal, a 67-year-old granddad, then chases him out of the door and drags him back inside.

He claims he searched the man and recovered the item – a packet of washing machine tablets – before deciding to lock the door. Police told shop owner to let shoplifter go after dragging him back inside store Footage appears to show the suspect bundling an item from a shelf into his bag

Mr Atwal then called police, warning them that the man was shouting ‘let me go or I’ll burn the shop down’.

Derbyshire Police say they told him to release the man due to ‘the risk that was posed to the other customers’ locked in with them.

The 67-year-old said: ‘The police said that I had to let him go or they’d prosecute.

Mr Atwal said Derbyshire Police’s response was ‘a load of rubbish’

‘The police were bone idle, they didn’t want to do any work. They didn’t even turn up for it.’

He added that the ‘few loyal customers’ in the shop at the time ‘weren’t scared and were even trying to help me’.

Officers say they asked Mr Atwal for the CCTV footage to ‘try and identify the man involved’ but he says he hasn’t heard ‘anything’ since sending it to them.

Mr Atwal continued: ‘The police’s statement is a lot of rubbish. No one turned up in the end.

‘There’s no chance of finding him now, they could have prosecuted him straight away.’


If you are brilliant at finding reasons why NOT TO DO YOUR JOB, apply now and join us in 'The Police Force' and you could achieve great things by doing absolutely nothing at all but threaten innocent victims.


John Bellamy Comments Below

A friend some years ago was away on holiday,.

Someone broke into his house while he was away.

The thief badly cut himself on broken glass - a window he himself has smashed.

He sued my friend for thousands of £.


The police and social workers were on the side of the thief as he came from a broken home and had a bad childhood.


We live in a time and place where the police have not proven themselves very competent - in fact - when an innocent business man like this shopkeeper above is threatened with prosecution for catching a thief, what does this say to the thief ? What message does this send to ' the under world ' about how they have a free license FROM THE POLICE to go right ahead and rob and steal and break into innocent peoples homes and cause and create a major disturbance in peoples lives AND THE POLICE WILL THREATEN THE INNOCENT VICTIM RATHER THAN DO THEIR DAMNED JOBS AND CATCH THE THIEF.

What are these guys - THE KEYSTONE COPS ?

Every single time I have had dealings with the police here at Hamilton Hall I have had cause to complain about the rudeness, the condescending attitude and the general way they look down on us, the public, as GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT, when i was always brought up to believe we are all INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

But that is not how the police view the general public any more and we are all seen as a threat to be bullied, lied to with incorrect legal mumbo jumbo out of coppers mouths ( remember, the police know VERY LITTLE about the law as they are not legally trained - AT ALL - and are all too often - WRONG ) and from most people I speak with, have very little faith in the legal system any more with cock up after cock up, where thieves get away while the victim is mistreated BY THE POLICE who are suppose to be paid to SERVE AND PROTECT, except all they seem to be protecting IS THEIR JOBS which sadly, too many are crap at.

This case above goes a long way in showing us EXACTLY what the police think of the public and if and when we do their jobs for them, BOY THEY DON'T LIKE IT.


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