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why are so many elderly people such morons ?

In one afternoon out shopping, I nearly ran down 3 old people who walked right in front of my vehicle without even looking.

While parking in Tesco this old women walked in front of the car COMPLETELY oblivious to the fact we were driving into the vacant spot and she completely ignored this massive car coming towards her and just walked right out in front of us and totally ignored the dangers. We missed her by inches and she completely ignored the horn and everything.


Half an hour later :-

While parking in a multi story car park, I had to reverse in and out and in and out to be able to fit in the tight space between other vehicles and when I pulled out to go forward, THERE'S THIS FOOLISH OLD MAN ON A BIKE SQUEZING BETWEEN ME AND THE CAR IN FRONT and as I put the car into Drive to go forward, I looked up and there he was right in front of me - INCHES away from the car that lunged slightly forward and touched him - only touched him, before I braked hard and SCREAMED AT THE OLD FOOL. We knocked him and his bike backwards about 2 inches as the look of absolute fear crossed his face and - although he would not accept responsibility,

I know he knew that what he had done was foolish but could not - would not - bring himself to admit he was wrong and apologise instead, he made all sorts of excuses and never once accepted responsibility and apologise but the look on his face when it happened was priceless and spoke volumes. HE KNEW he was wrong and HE KNEW he was the idiot at that moment but was not man enough to simply accept responsibility and apologise.

It shakes you up and scares the crap out of you and it does make my blood sugar crash when these things happen as the sudden shock and the sudden realisation does affect you.

He acted shocked and surprised as we both, Chris and I - barked LOUDLY AT HIM for being such a stupid old man to even think he could do such a thing and that there would not be consequences for being so dumb.

He rode off with a big flea in his ear after we pointed out he was in a car park and not the park and to watch where he was going and to GIVE WAY TO CARS in a car park when they are reversing in and out of a spot.

I barked at him that he was an old fool who needed to wake up and it as not until after he went and Chris and I are were giggling about it, we agreed he was probably no older than myself - late 60's - and while I considered him an ' old fool' - THANK GOD I still have my wits about me., do not act like some old geriatric and am still young at heart, in my mind, my body and my soul, and very willing to apologise if and when I get it wrong - whereas so many elderly people surrender to old age and act and offer this - other - side of themselves that just irritates. So many do not take responsibility for their own actions and blame others all the time.

My Grandparents generation WERE OLD when they got to their 60's - and even my Mothers generation were old in their 60's, but present day elderly people have every opportunity to stay young, stay clued up to the world and stay young at heart and anything else is a choice, to act old, to ignore modern stuff and to misunderstand the modern generation that moves forward so fast many of us cannot keep up.

No problem with that as I have been left behind when it comes to technology and rely on others to help, but I am not stupid and know my limitations and at least KNOW my limitations and am not afraid to ask for help if and when... but to blindly act with entitlement because you are old, is going to get you run over and killed one day and you may be in the right, BUT YOU WILL BE DEAD or worse, seriously injured.


Getting out of the mall a car driven by an elderly women ignored the red light and just drove right out on front of two lanes of traffic blocking their path when they had right of way and she then just stopped. Blocking everyone now. 4 of 5 vehicles honked her loudly and just sat on their horns - and she completely ignored everyone - oblivious to the dangers she had created and the entitled attitude offered that she wanted to go and so she did, regardless of if in the right or wrong and in this instance, she pissed off half a dozen other cars with her absolute moronic self centred attitude. When she did move she did so on a red light and almost hit a Mother with a pram crossing at the light - and when the mother screamed and pulled out of the way, the old fool driver just sped off.


That all happened in just an hours period while out shopping and people wonder why I am a house frau, why I rarely go out, why I rarely see people outside of Hamilton Hall. It is because my patience with people, my ability to put up with other people who seem to assume the world owes them something and that they can do what they want, where they want, when they want, and fuck anyone who says they cannot, and I cannot abide that fucked up attitude so easily found in the world these days and I avoid where I can and stay in my own cloistered world safe from morons, fools, idiots, bigots and assholes. Oh I get enough of it through e mail from people who really should know better - who really should be more professional and really should grow up and be an adult not a child.


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