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'Why aren't you drinking ?'

If you are in recovery, or you are simply a non drinker, we know this time of year can be difficult. You may find these top tips for staying sober at Christmas helpful.


“Why aren’t you drinking?” The question that many people in recovery or who are trying to cut down their drinking dread at this time of the year.

The festive season can be a particularly difficult time to avoid alcohol; be it cheese and wine at an office Christmas party or a champagne toast to the New Year, it can feel like a glass of alcohol is a requirement at every festive event. But it doesn’t have to be that way and you shouldn’t feel ashamed about your decision not to have any alcohol. Earlier this year, AHA member Alcohol Change UK launched the #StopSoberShaming campaign to help end the stigma around choosing not to drink.

Sober shaming is making someone feel uncomfortable for not drinking. When we sober shame, we make others feel like their decision not to drink is wrong, boring, or even offensive. Not drinking alcohol – whether for an evening, a month or long-term – should be a decision we can all make freely, that others respect. Alcohol Change UK have some great ideas to help all of us avoid sober shaming and look out for those in our communities that choose not to drink:

Check the venue you’re going to has a decent selection of alcohol-free drinks.

Join in with not drinking. Showing solidarity in this way can be a huge confidence boost to people feeling nervous about premiering their non-drinking selves for the first time.

Don’t question people when they tell you they’re not drinking.

Be their backup! If you hear someone else pressuring your non-drinking friend to drink or giving them a hard time, offer your friend some support.

Let’s work together to make sure all of us have a safe and happy holiday season.
If you are worried about your own or someone else’s drinking, there is help available to you. Speak with your GP about what support might be available to you or someone you are concerned about. This is a great first step in finding help. Drinkline is the national alcohol helpline. Calls are free and confidential. Call 0300 123 1110 (weekdays 9.00am to 8.00pm, weekends 11.00am to 4.00pm).Calls are free Support can be found on our support page.

John Bellamy Comments:

I look more like my twin brother here than I do me...

Having spent the vast portion of my adult life as a NON DRINKER and yet living with HEAVY DRINKERS who I realised later on were alcoholics - and where my own sister and her baby both died as a consequences of alcohol and I have had 3 lovers in my life, all heavy drinkers and one eventually died from alcohol and drugs - and still I have not drunk, and I have learned that much of the education offered surrounding alcohol and drugs is absolute MISLEADING BULLSHIT. If ANYWONE tries to shame you for not wanting a drink, tell them to ROYALLY FUCK OFF and shame THEM in return for being too pissed to work - too pissed to speak clearly - too pissed to drive a car or work machinery and THEY ARE SHAMING YOU ???

Just remind them that if you were to light up a joint / spliff / wacky back - many would have SUCH AN ATTITUDE while remaining basically PIG SHIT IGNORANT as to how ALCOHOL IS FAR MORE DEADLY TO SOCIETY AS A WHOLE THAN ALL THE ILLAGEL DRUGS PUT TOGETHER - and IT IS ALCOHOL - NOT DRUGS - THAT KILLS TENS OF THOUSANDS A YEAR AND RUINS FAMILY LIFE, BUSINESS CLOSE AND PEOPLE DIE PREMATURLY and yet they get on their high horse surrounding drugs while guzzling crates of wine and take the high ground and talk down to you as if you were scum when it is the alcohol drinkers that cause and create more chaos to society than ever all the illegal drug users put together times 100.

Decades ago I worked in various bars and when you see how ridiculous many look and sound when they are pissed drunk - they would be ashamed and would curb their intake. It's just so embarrassing.

Alcohol makes some people violent and more deaths occur from alcohol than smoking a spliff. FACT. Drunks attract other drunks who support each other in their stupor and will always be there for one another as long as the booze is flowing - cut that off - and even between drunk friends - this can so easily lead to VIOLENCE.

Yet it is socially accepted and as soon as you enter a Christmas Bash a glass of something will be thrust in you hands and the more expensive it is, the better it is, the more your party will be respected as ' pushing the boat out' - rather than wasting your money while getting everyone drunk so they crash their car and kill someone on the way home.

I am NOT anti alcohol - but I am anti BULLSHIT and most of what we are told is precisely that - LIES AND BULLSHIT.

Booze kills - Drugs kill - Glue sniffers - more people die a year from sniffing glue than smoking a spliff. MANY MANY TIMES MORE - and where are the adverts - the information - the PANIC surrounding selling glue to underage teenagers.



TELL THOSE WHO TAKE THE PISS TO FUCK OFF and you can even tell them that John said to say so...


Alcohol Health Alliance

c/o Institute of Alcohol Studies, Alliance House

12 Caxton Street

London, SW1H 0QS

United Kingdom


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