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why do men in classical art always have small junk - X RATED

In classical statues the male penis has always been carved as being really quite small. WHY ?

This picture below of David is an artists impression of how he would change if he lived in modern day America and eat a typical American diet.... It's a mock up - a joke - but sadly shows the ravages of time on a youthful body and shows what can easily happen with a bad diet and age.

Big dicks were seen as animalistic and were only shown on half human half animal statues as man was more interested in the abilities of the mind and not the sexual and so a big dick was seen as belonging to fools, idiots, someone of less stature while today it is - in many cultures at least - revered and wrongly associated with manliness.

In modern times the size of a mans dick has proven to be somewhat important compared to ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Click on the LINK and watch this interesting YouTube video on this subject. It's fascinating and may make some feel better about themselves.

Here we have the Devil being slain by an Arch Angel on the front of Coventry Cathedral. I first saw this when I was 19 and have never forgotten the size of Satan's dick. I was right impressed all those decades ago and still remember it well as for a statue ( this was made last century so is modern ) I was astounded at the size compared to ancient Rome and Egypt etc. Times change. Now we worship size.

Now we hold it in reverence.

Gay mens fascination with big willies and big balls does leave a lot of people out - those who consider themselves small dicked, and this mental head space does a great deal of damage and many MANY men feel inferior because they have a small dick. AS LONG AS IT WORKS , then fuck what anyone else has to say as it's yours, so make fiends with it and enjoy your dick regardless of size and remember, many large dicks do not get very hard and many large dicks have never experienced deep throat or an even half decent fuck, as it is simply too big for many.

Running an escort agency for years - naturally - it was the well hung guys who got all the work and especially if they could maintain an erection and fuck ... and these guys would earn a fortune. It is what it is.

We cannot change the way it is .

It may be wrong, but that's life.

There will always be those who body shame ( shame on them as they may be hot physically but clearly, they are assholes within ) as there will always be those ( well absolutely everyone in some way or another ) who are not happy with their body and would like to change parts - bigger, harder, flatter, hairier, etc - so get over your inhibitions and when you realise EVERYONE - however beautiful and hung, have their issues about their body - and as there is little we can do except go to the gym and vacuum pump your dick as well, be happy with what you have.

Remember: These huge dicks below may be fun to play with for an hour or so, but these guys rarely get deep throat or even a half decent fuck... simply too long..

I am just over 8 inches ( pictured with the black cock ring below ) and have had difficulty with being too big for a lot of people but was a major bonus in the sex industry. But compared to these guys pictures here, I was tiny in comparison and if I had problems sometimes, just imagine what these guys have on a constant basis. They would be well known and sought after by many for their dick and all big / massive dicked guys I knew complained about the sycophant's who followed them around and just wanted the dick and not them as people, which many complain about - not understanding that sex is not always about the whole person but just one part... the dick., the ass, the hairy chest, the smile... and if it is the whole package then wonderful, but that is not often the case at all and the dick rules supreme. It may be wrong, but that is often how it is,. especially in the gay world.

I am


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