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Why don't we have a Straight Pride ?

Why, exactly, do straight people assume they need a Straight Pride Parade and what - exactly - would they be campaigning for - what rights in law do they lack - what abilities in law are they missing and what - exactly, do they feel they are loosing out on / lacking in society that they feel the need to host a parade to draw public attention to something they are campaigning to change ?
This comes out of 'Black Lives Matter' and when people argue it is not needed and why - I have to point out that BLM matters because black people ARE being brutally treated and even murdered on the streets by the police in the USA, hundreds every week, and DO NOT blame the black community as that indicates you are a bigoted racist as well. Black people in America are beaten and murdered just for being black and BLM is an important symbol of the persecution minority groups still face within the culture and laws of the land.
America is light years behind Europe, but do not assume blacks or any minority group is any safer in some European countries, look at Poland - where innequalities between races and cultures are still HUGE and where the LGBT community is under attack from the state - even though these government actions are illegal within the EU - yet sadly nothing is done and many people cannot feel safe in their daily lives because of the colour of their skin, their God given sexuality or the beliefs they follow.

When straights go to a pub, have they ever been harassed by dozens of police just to get in the door - and harassed by dozens of police, to leave ?

Have they had to fight to get the recognition, in law, that everyone else has and yet for them the law witholds certain aspects because it is considered they are less worthy ?

When a council tennant dies, is their lifelong partner kicked out of the council house ?

Pensions - are not transferable between non married couples, and before we had marriage rights, this was lost for LGBT.

Are straight people castigated from the pulpit and blamed - wrongly - for the ills of the world by the Bishops / Popes and all holy people of all denominations throughout their daily epistle ?

Have they been rounded up and burned at the stake for the way they were born.

Have they had to hide an aspect of themslves from everyone for fear of being beaten up, disowned by 'so called ' loving parents - who disown their own children - and who are often damned by the church, over taxed and given less in law ?

Are doctors and nurses told to withhold medication and services to straights, as is the case in many countries towards LGBT.

Is there a rabid fear of anyone who are a little different - within the straight world - like the murderous attacks on Transexuals - and where men and boys so fear these tv's hey are willing to beat and murder a complete stranger just for being different ? And don't give that old lame argument about which toilet they use - as GROW UP - and do not give me that old balloney of being scared for your life because a gay man approached you - so you had to defend yourself by murdering him ?

Are LGBT teachers and social workers, who make up a large percentage of the social care workforce, safe in countries like Russia ?

Can a straight be sacked from their job, thrown out of their home - because their boss or landlord does not like their choices in life and there is little the law can do about it ?

Can a straight couple have their children taken away by the state for no reason - as many LGBT can - and it is proven that LGBT parents make better foster parents of children with special needs, and then a screwed of society deliberately misplaces the child rather than admit an LGBT serves the job better.

When a straight person contacts HIV / Aids, ( which was originally called The Gay Plague - incorrectly ) do people say 'Well they deserve it' - like we have all heard from straight people aimed at LGBT who are sick and dying.

When HIV / Aids first was recognised by the World Health Organisation and governments around the world, IT WAS YEARS before any research and funding was put in place to help find a cure and then, ONLY because more straights were catching it and while originally seen as 'The Gay Plague' governments and officials did nothing to advance a cure - and thought to just ignore the LGBT and they will die off soon.

'Who cares if it kills the faggots.'

Bit like now with Covid - originally -'Who cares if it kills off the old folk.'

When a man and a women walk hand in hand down the road, are they at risk of being beaten up and killed by scared men afraid of them ?

What if a couple kiss in a bar or snog at the back of the cinema, do you think they will face hostility from people who should mind their own business.

If a man kisses his girlfriend in public, can someone complain and get them arrested for disturbing the peace and promoting heterosexuality in front of children and are they considered bad parents just because of the way they were born ?

Do gays complain when they see straights kissing in public because it offends their sensitivity ?

Can various business deny service to them just because of the way they are - so they cannot discriminate against blacks, jews and just about most things - but in law - they can still discriminate against LGBT if it insults their religious beliefs, even though many are not religious at all, they just do not like people of a certain lifestyle - even though it is none of their business.

Are they taken up to high buildings and thrown off JUST FOR BEING STRAIGHT ? Murdered just for being the way they were born.

Are straights hounded by the state like in Russia and over 70 other countries who consider LGBT to be evil and a perversion and a sin against God and demonic ( oh please..... )

All middle eastern countries LGBT have to be very careful as it is not just women in bikinis they arrest.

When mentioning pedophilia - the VAST majority of people assume - WRONGLY - that most pedophiles are gay, when the truth is very much the reverse, with over 90% of child abuse coming from the straight world and NOT the LGBT world and usually from a close family member or friend - and remember - women abuse as much as men.

The media casts doubts and blame on the LGBT world for pedopholia, Aids, broken relationships, a global gay conspiracy and so much more.

The Gay Agenda / Conspiracy some straight claim to know all about, has been completely overlooked by the actual LGBT community who know absolutely nothing at all about and Gay Agenda / Conspiracy. All the imagination of straights in fear of LGBT and so cast these fairy tales out there that are untrue and yet causes trouble.

As a communuity - straight people have all the laws on their side - while LGBTQ people have many laws NOW supporting them, and this after 100 years of serious campaigning where people were jailed ( Oscar Wilde JUST for being gay ) and jailed for an assortment of nafarious reasons given this would never be used against a straight person, yet many do not see this and will not make allowances.

In America it is considered that only the far right hate groups want and feel the need for a Straight Pride and only want one because the LGBT community has one, but the LGBT parade comes from a political campaign for equal rights to everyone else, NOT BETTER RIGHTS - just the same rights as - we pay taxes, we pay towards the system, so why are LGBT people offered so much les over the decades than straights - possibly because it is straights who run the system and straights who are afraid of the LGBT communuity, hence it makes up hidden gay agendas the gay crowd has never heard of and where the Sun Newspaper claimed you could catch Aids from atoilet seat - and this misinformation and dangerous rhetoric destroys peoples lives and careers and ends sometimes in murder of innocence.

There are very few mentions about gay sex in the Bible but scores and scores critisising abusive heterosexual sexual relationships - as the Bible does not mention homosexual relationships at all in this book. Recently added phrases using the word 'homosexual' were added in the last 100 years but DOES NOT translate to ANY word in the original text at all, not a single mention and where it mentions us in Leviticus - READ THE WHOLE SECTION and stop eating crab and lobster, rabbit and pork, and a ton of other things that are an abomination according to the Old Testament yet people concentrate on 'Man should not lay with man as with a women.' and ignore all the rest.

Hypocrits. Scared hypocrits.

So there you have it folks. Just a few reasons why straights do not need a Pride as - er - what - exactly - do they think they lack compared to LGBT - excactly - well maybe they lack style and fashion sence - oh and music and interior design - oh and - well - for many straight men - they envy our sex lives and that just ticks them off...

Black Lives Matter - YES.

Straight Pride - No.

John Bellamy

Loving the blog John, with you all the way! Straight Pride ffs!, That right wing (Hate) preacher, John you rock!

Absolutely agree about straight pride, how offensive to those who do fight for their rights. Some of these straights really do think they are hard done by huh ? I roll with you every time John. Gary.

Muster on John., Muster on. Love this weeks blog and especially the piece about straight pride. Well done. BF.


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