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why is my car insurance going up ?

When my car came up for its insurance renewal ~ THE PRICE WENT UP by £40 on the year before to over £760 a year.
I was gobsmacked.

I appreciate I drive a Japanese import and that the insurance has always been high, but after a Pandemic Year where for most of us we have hardly used our cars this last year - and where it has sat on the car park for most of the year going nowhere - and now they want MORE MONEY --- and when I questioned it - and you have to laugh here :-

- my ' broker ' came back and quoted yet more money at £995 for the coming year.

W. T. F. ? ? ?

How I didn't tell her to go fuck herself is beyond me...

It's absolutely insulting.

So I went online and found a quote for half the amount they were trying to offer and have gone for that. I also had great pleasure in telling my broker that they were grossly unhelpful towards a customer they are suppose to represent and that because they use a limited number of companies to get quotes from ( half what I can get quotes for on-line ) and that the INSULTING quote of £995 would now loose them a customer and they will make nothing out of me this year and the more this continues, the more these small family run brokers will go bust - as WTF would pay almost £1,000 a year for a 20 year old Japanese Toyota import that sits for most the time in the car park and except for trips to the mall and to walkj the dog, and that's about it...

Business Garbage Coillection:

I was sent the yearly bill from the council for my business garbage collection and not only has it gone up £20 on last year - so not a ot - BUT WE HAVE BEEN CLOSED FOR 6 MONTHS THIS YEAR AND 6 MONTHS LAST YEAR and yet they still charge the full amount as if we were open.

I camplained and the council... BLESS THEM ... claim they didn't know we were closed and that I should have informed them of such - as if I was to know I was suppose to and considering the government CLOSED ALL HOTELS AFTER CHRISTMAS unless open for business customers;- tens of thousands of hotels up and down the country - ALL CLOSED - and my council claims they didn't know...


So they came back and stated they would give a 50% discount on this years prices AND I SHOULD THINK SO TO... and as I pointed out, I still expect my 2 residential bins collected each week as normal with my Non Business Council Tax I pay - as Hammy Hall is classified as 2 venues.

It should not be such a battle.

Today is a glorius sunny - chilly - day and this afternoons walk with Honey, my dog - up in the local park, with the Crocus's filling the green with purple and white flowers, was a joy.
Let's concentrate on that.


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