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Hi john, We believe :- Access to knowledge is a fundamental human right. The Wikimedia Endowment is our enduring commitment to a world of freely shared knowledge, now and in perpetuity. We believe that knowledge is a foundation. It is a foundation for human potential, a foundation for freedom, a foundation for opportunity. Wikipedia is the world’s largest free knowledge ecosystem — a public trust for the common good — built by people, for people.

— Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia

My name is Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, and I hope I’m not catching you at a bad time. Truth be told, I didn’t think I’d be sending this email. But we haven’t reached our fundraising goal, and there are only a few days left in 2022 to make a donation. People's circumstances have changed a lot this past year, and I understand if donating is the last thing on your mind right now. But I hope you’ll agree that giving knowledge to the world has never been more crucial. We need our community of donors to help us reach our goal. As time is running out to support us in 2022, I’m humbly asking you to reflect on the number of times you visited Wikipedia this year, the value you got from it, and whether you’re able to give to the Wikimedia Endowment. Your past support has helped ensure that, even in times of recession, Wikipedia’s future isn’t in jeopardy. But there is so much that must be done to make knowledge free for everyone, and you help us achieve it. Thanks to donors like you, The Wikimedia Endowment ensures we will always be able to keep Wikipedia operational, support the technology behind it, and keep nurturing some of the most crucial free knowledge projects on the internet. John, you have shown with your last gift how committed you are to helping us expand the reach of free knowledge to new corners of the world. Please, remain one of the 2% of supporters who propel our mission forward. It matters. Wikipedia does so much for the world. Online, it’s the closest thing we have to a park or a library where everyone can go to learn for free. There is no other space like it on the internet. I've been happily stunned by the response from our donors, but we haven't reached our fundraising goal in the UK and we don't have a lot of time left. We’re not salespeople. We’re librarians, archivists, and information junkies. We rely on our readers to become our donors, and we’re grateful for the support we receive. Thank you for being there for us. I hope that we can keep working together to expand free knowledge to new corners of the world long into the future. Make a new donation Renew your last £25 donation From all of us at the Wikimedia Endowment, thank you. It still amazes me to see readers rise to the occasion and support a project that benefits the world every single day. Sincerely, Jimmy Wales Founder of Wikipedia If you have a preferred email address, please let us know by emailing We’d be happy to update your contact preferences, including your personal details such as your name or email address, should you wish for these to be changed.

Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

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