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WildmanT’s Big Boy Pouch underwear for guys with big dicks took one man’s daily hell and turned it into a daily paradise. web site - click here


web site HERE

I know I’m not unique, but I’ve always felt alone when it comes to my big dick problems. Like who am I to complain about having a big D, right? But for those of us that are blessed with an enormous package, we are also cursed to find underwear to fit.

I just never could get comfortable. Ever see those dudes that are constantly adjusting themselves? That was me! And not because I was trying to show off my big dick and balls, but because the King Kong in my pants was in too little or too loose a cage to be happy. It was super embarrassing, especially at work or worse... church!

I had tried everything, but no matter what style of underwear I put on, my big D was living in hell.

Tighty whities are just that, tight. I wore these as a kid before puberty and It’s like the design they made for boys never adjusted for when our pee pees become penises. Fruit of A Loom should really be Your Fruit has NO ROOM!

Bikinis were like putting a bandaid on it. I was lucky if I could get my banana in the hammock without my coconuts falling right out or vice versa.

Boxers gave me no support at all. Good for letting my big d breathe, but bad for wracking my self constantly. In boxers I sat on my on my junk more than a trucker sits on a toilet seat in a truck stop.

And last but not least, the boxer brief. What seemed like it could be a creative compromise, was basically like taping my big dick to my leg.

Does any of that sound pleasant ?

I even tried commando for awhile, but one too many zipper catches on the old peen, and a few too many looks at my fruit basket seeming to be presented for attention, I knew I needed something.

No matter what I tried, I could never find underwear that had enough room in the pouch, enough support, enough mobility, a comfortable breathable fabric, or a style that I would want to wear. I've literally tried every brand and every pouch underwear I could find looking for a solution. Some claim to have big pouch underwear but the pouch is still not big enough and they don't offer any support. My poor big package could never win.

That is until I found WildmanT’s Big Dick Underwear, underwear designed especially for guys with big dicks and/or balls. They have an entire line dedicated to us called The Big Boy Pouch!

Hallelujah! Me and my big dick have never been happier.

WildmanT has been the answer to my prayers (and those that had to sit next to me in church). His underwear is like wearing a custom-made suit but for your package. They are an architectural masterpiece. The Big Boy Pouch has enough room to handle my manly mammoth, with a fabric that is soft and breathable while still being supportive. It allows enough movement so my big dick doesn’t feel caged and enough support that I’m not squashing my junk when I sit. The Big Boy Pouch is great when I’m playing sports but sexy and stylish for wearing out on the town. I wear them everyday for every event.

Before I found WildmanT’s big dick underwear, my big dick was a blessing and a curse. Now my big package, is just a blessing. Thanks WildmanT, me and my big D are in 7th Heaven!

YAY - I've got a big dick !

Having a big penis is great ! You get to strut that big ol' King Kong dong. You are proud to take public showers. Pleasing the hung-horny men and women is a breeze! Everyone is envious!

The struggle is real.

But what about when you are not using or flaunting your pride and joy? What then? Does your third leg interfere with your day to day life? Ask yourself. Does your mountain of meat gets smashed in your underwear. Do your balls over-heat? Do you need to constantly adjust to get comfortable? And if you have big balls or low-hangers, are they constantly in the way? Are they in pain? Do they just stick to your leg. (yuck). If you answered yes to any of these questions then you have BDP…. also known as Big Dick Problems. You need underwear for hung men.

Where to put it ?

But the real problem is your underwear. How do you store that monster when nothing seems to fit? Where is the underwear for hung men? Guys with big penises need underwear too!. It sucks because regular underwear just causes pain and discomfort. Not that you haven’t tried to find a solution. You have probably googled "big penis underwear" "big pouch underwear" "well endowed underwear" and yes, "big dick underwear" with sad results! You have tried brand after brand for something that offers more comfort and room for your big boys! But there are soooo many brands. Sooooo many styles. Soooo many options. And none of them work!

The Problem

So your life-long search has left you empty handed. What you need just wasn't out there yet. You need underwear with extra room…but most of the times that just means baggy. You need underwear with support… but then they are too tight and uncomfortable. Boxers can give you room but no support. Briefs give you support but smash your family jewels. Boxer-briefs sometimes work at first but then stretch out and release the dragon!

It’s simple. What you need is the extra room AND support done the RIGHT way. What you need is.... The Big Boy Pouch!

The Solution !

The Big Boy Pouch by WildmanT! The Big Boy Pouch is an innovative new pouch that offers loads of extra room and amazing support. This comfy pouch separates your horse meat from the rest of the underwear eliminating over-heating and smashing. Plus, the pouch cups underneath your balls offering support like no other underwear can. This great new design has brought relief to so many men already. I don’t want to over-sell it but it’s like having angels cupping and holding your manhood making you feel light and free like a pillowy cloud! Angels! Clouds! It’s that good!

Big penis underwear has arrived! Well endowed underwear is here! Big dick problems are no more! Yay for big pouch underwear!

But don't just take my word for it. Read some of their reviews.

And don't worry about ugly styles. This amazing pouch comes in many styles that will suit your personal taste. They have briefs, boxer-briefs, jocks and their revolutionary strapless jock! And let’s not forget the sexy Big Boy Pouch Thong! (lol every straight man's butt just clinched)



I have ordered 3 pairs of different styles and look forward to receiving them soon. I shall let you know how I get on.

People envy those with big dicks and balls and are often unaware of the hassles that come from being hung and with low hanging balls, and there will always be the up side - and the down side - to anything in life and while many envy, not being able to fit into every day underpants can cause friction burns, soreness and is uncomfortable, but having sald that, is something anyone with a big packet gets use to... ha ha





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