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WINTER IS COMING - you don't need be alone.

Winter is soon to be upon us.

Dark mornings.

Dark evenings.

Rainy shivery days Layers of clothing both in and outdoors.

Dreading the gas and electric bills.

At home - alone - lonely - just you and the cat ( maybe ) and the telly ( maybe )


Thinking back over happier times. The past always seems more rosy than the present.

Wars - Inflation - Corrupt Politicians - Unethical media - Repeats on telly all the time. - Trump.

Maybe it's time to make some new memories to look back on.

Some fun days amongst others at a reduced rate.

Old or Young. Gay or Straight. Black or White. Disabled or Able.

Who cares.

We are all the same and feel the same isolation that winter can bring on and maybe a few days away with friends at Hamilton Hall will enlighten and cheer up those winter blues.

See our - SPECIAL OFFERS PAGE for our winter Specials and remember, if you REALLY need / want a few days away and really - genuinely - cannot afford it, we may ask some personal questions and then offer you a free break with meals and everything - on us - and we are not a charity or attached to a big business, this comes out of MY POCKET - John Bellamy's own hard earned money - and there is no other gay mens group / organisation / hotel / venue offering so much to so many for no reward but to do the right thing and to help others. No one goes as far to help and guide and care for other gay men, than Hamilton Hall. Not a 'dog eat dog' place at all. Not a crummy tacky and sticky sex den. Not some slime ball venue with no taste. But a glorious retreat you will return to time and time again.

Winter is long.

Winter is dark.

No need to spend it all alone when we are here to welcome and befriend you. Do e mail or write and let's see what we can do to make this winter a little bit special.

For you, for us, and for the world at large.

John Bellamy


copyright © 2023

Hamilton Hall Productions.

All rights reserved.


Return this e mail with


Our mailing address is

Hamilton Hall Hotel

1 Carysfort Road


Dorset BH14EJ

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