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Wrestler Navid Afkari could have been representing Iran in Tokyo this week. Instead they hang him.

'If I am executed, I want you to know that an innocent person, even though he tried and fought with all his strength to be heard, was executed.'

Navid Afkari was a wrestling champion in Iran and his success in his country's No1 sport made him a hero.
But in 2018, Afkari was arrested after taking part in widespread protests against the Iranian regime.
He said he was tortured into confessing to murder and Amnesty International said his trial was 'grossly unfair.'
Donald Trump and major sporting powers tried to intervene but Afkari was hanged last September, aged 27.
Now, his name is used as focal point for those continuing their resistance against Iran's rulers.
In a voice recording that leaked from his jail, Afkari said: 'If I am executed, I want you to know that an innocent person, even though he tried and fought with all his strength to be heard, was executed.'
jJohn Bellamy Comments:

Any country that takes gay men to the top of tall buildings and throw them to their deaths JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE GAY - is a country stuck in the middle ages of ignorance perpetrated by the unbalanced religious views held by those in power and nothing - NOTHING - will deter them from spreading hatefilled misinterpretations of the Koran and where lies and bullshit and misinformation are taken as gospel if spoken by the right leader, and blindly, followers follow without question. Maybe back in the middle ages the UK was much the same. The ignorant masses followed the Bishops and Cardinals and mass murdered tens of thousands over the centuries and all at the behest of the church.

And all supposedly in God's name.

OUTSTANDING how a religion can instill murder, torture and all sorts of murderous acts against their fellow man and for why - because they said something that is considered against Islam or Mohamed or even Allah as if these dead prophets are not man enough to take a little ribbing - and those who are murdered for being an oponent of the

regime or simply someone having an opinion and voicing it, as well as the gay man, and all this is so desperately tragic.

It annoys when I see these fucked up opionated faggots in London and Brighton lording it up and showing off and bragging and - generally - offering a vile attitude of gay men and the arrogance, the attitude SUCKS - and when you look at the murder and torure that is still going on around the world, our job is not done by any means and we must never be complacent - as look at how fast things reverted backwards under Trump. It can happen. The tide can turn.

Opinions warped by disassociated minds determined to destroy. Mass murder is just a thought away.

So pray for this man and others like him still suffering at the hands of the ignorant religious madmen in various countries - gagging for attention and determined to stamp out the evil they see with a different even worse form of evil, and one they cannot see is evil at all which actually makes it - EVEN MORE UNGODLY AND EVIL and these men call themselves Holy Men, Preachers, Clerics, Mullahs and yet spew evil rhetoric against anything and everything including women in their own country and the male dominated society, made up of little boys - rules and murders and threatens and more - and it so saddens me and makes me so very greatful I was born in the UK as I would have been long executed by now had I been born in Iran.

The LGBTQ war is far from over guys. Time to wake up and realise how lucky we are in the UK and stop your fucking moaning and cut out to arrogant fucked up attitude. You are very very lucky. Time now to help others.

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