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young and smooth

I do get scores of e mails every week like the ones below and I thought I'd share a few with you.

Dear John: Thank you for all the sensational pictures each Sunday. It makes my whole weekend. I look forward to your Blog and often have a wank filled Sunday afternoon along with your hairy and smooth men. I am hairy and attract smooth guys - and yet also love hairy guys as well but it has to be REALLY hairy or REALLY smooth.

Thanks John. Bravo. Bruce.

John - Your weekly Blog is a life saver. During lockdown it was all I had. Stuck in this small village in wales without being able to escape was torturous. Your Blog started and saved my sanity. I love this village because I can escape - but lockdown was like solitary confinement as other than the occasional shop, I didn't see anyone for weeks on end. Wanking my way through the weekend with your Blog was all I had and I still look forward to it and always read the articles as well as wanking over the naked men. Allan

I'm on all sorts of mens groups here, in Europe and in the USA where I have a home as well, and not one single gay group I belong to did anything at all during Covid and it was as if the group had closed down. Two years later when ' the all clear' was announced, suddenly, as if they had been planning this all along, several groups got back in touch and yet had offered nothing to their membership to help alleviate the boredom of lockdown - and their arrogance offered was as if they had been there for us all along - which was a complete sham. They ran for the hills and not a single member heard a whisper. You - however Mr. John Bellamy - STARTED your Blog at that time and while I showed it to others, many were astounded at how you kept us all involved through articles, editorials, naughty pictures and stories of you own life, and John, I have to say this, in a different world, I would marry you tomorrow. Definitely one of a generation. Randolph. ( Switzerland )

Love the smooth guys you offer us each week John. Nothing nicer. From your hairy Arab friend.



It's what many ask for yet I seem unable to find any for you so

send yours in

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