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Young & Smooth X Rated

Before you feast your eyes on some beautiful young thing, how about answering this question and we can share the answers next week. e mail your answers to Tell me - Your favourite part of your whole body and your worst physical feature and tell us why.

ie: I had a washboard stomach decades ago and now it is plump and I dislike it. So my tummy goes as a bad feature.

My favourite feature - naturally - is my cock and balls - Not only have they earned me a FORTUNE when I was a sex worker but I have enjoyed endless fun and games alone or with others and appreciate how blessed I am.

Now - Over to you :-

With the internet these days - these guys do not know how lucky they are. In the 70's when I was a teenager other than the occasional gay publication or H&E magazine, we never got to see pictures like these and it was so difficult being gay. Young guys today do not know how lucky they are.


Does it intimidate an older man to fuck with a cute young thing that has a bigger dick than you do ?