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young & smooth - x rated - 16 year olds first sexual experience.

The vast majority of requests received is for hairy hung guys, but as I know many like the smooth twink types, here are a few for your wank bank. Share your fantasies with us here and don't leave it all up to others to keep this Blog alive and interesting, be a part of something special - JOIN IN - send your stories and pictures to share.

My first sex experience with a grown man - scroll down.

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At 16 years of age I was working as a commis chef in a large hotel in Bournemouth. It was a long working day with a 3 hour gap in the afternoon, where I couldn't get home as it was too far and I would hang around Bournemouth waiting to go back to work in the evening.

( I cannot find a picture of me that far back so this one above is when in was in my mid 20's - and below in my late 50's. )

One afternoon -September 9th 1971 -( actually at 4.45pm ) as I walked along the prom by the pier, a man some way away caught my eye and I noticed his watching me, so - and even now I cannot believe how brave I was a for a COMPLETE NOVICE - who didn't even know that the word gay meant puffter - ( ha ha ) but I followed this man along the prom and he led me into a mens toilet, and again, I cannot believe I had the guts to follow him in. Anyway, we ended up in a lockup where he wanked himself off looking at my dick and he wanked me off and that - was the first time I had even been wanked off by someone else, let alone a man.

I was so naïve, so innocent, that it makes me laugh today that 6 year olds today know it all, absolutely know it all whereas as 16 I knew fuck all, and I mean, I was so innocent and naïve. I knew I was wanting sex with men but with no magazines, internet dating sites or anything available to me, I - kinda - was in the deep end finding it all out through experience rather than anyone sharing knowledge with me.

He gave me his name and number and said to phone and when I returned to work I was convinced that everyone must be able to see / to know what I had done, but as no one did and life just continued until after a few days I - very bravely - phoned and planned to meet him again - and a long story very short - we spent the next 8 years and 3 months living together and running various business' together in Guernsey, where we moved for tax reasons and I was still just 16 years of age and he was 42 - and in those days it was ILLEGAL TO BE GAY in Guernsey, so we took a chance although there was - in those days - a thriving gay community on the island that has - sadly died because of the internet.

The shameful thing is that he was an absolute crap mentor to a boy - so young and so naïve - and as for teaching me how to live with someone other than parents - as for teaching me about adult life and as for sharing his knowledge and wisdoms with me, he offered fuck all - absolutely fuck all, and I had to struggle and find things out for myself and on MANY occasion where I made mistakes he would tell me off while NOT helping in the slightest and I would cry and be all upset whereas if that was today., I WOULD TELL THE FOOL OFF FOR NOT GETTING THE FACT THAT A 16 YEAR OLD BOY NEEDS HOUSE TRAINING AND NOT EXPECTING HIM TO JUST KNOW IT ALL.

As I am sure you have all heard from so many people before this, I worked hard and ran various business with him and when we split, he fucked me for the last time except this time it was to the tune of about £20,000 ( and this was the late 1970's when that was a lot of money ) which he owed me from various investments I had made in his business, propping it up with my own income, and he left me high and dry when we split and just abandoned me to my own fate.

But - ha ha - this is me and not some feeble person and I was soon wending my way to the USA for bigger and better - and life continued.

We remained friends until he died decades later and it is a frightening thing to realise when you are older than your original lover was when you were 16 and he was 42 and this was now 50 YEARS AGO LAST SEPTEMBER... OMG...

Naturally - I have changed a bit since then. I have grown up and become wiser than he ever was and more astute and with tons more common sense than he had and as the decades have passed, one never forgets ones first ... and I remember him with so much affection and love as he helped make me who I am today.

John Bellamy

Who was your first - share your story with us here. e mail me and lets share.


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