Youth is wasted on the young - X Rated

A reader has asked if I can offer some pictures of guys in lace and frills and so forth and as I cannot find pictures like this and as he didn't offer to send any even after I asked, asking is redundant if you cannot help. So if you have any piuctures you want to share of the male nude in and out of clothes, whether it be leather or lace, rubber or pantyhoes - I can only offer what you are prepared to assist with, especially if it is something I know fuck all about.

Articles - Editorials - Pictures - Promotions of gay venues - Anything you feel our readers around the world will enjoy. This is YOUR BLOG.

Oh to be this young and innocent again ( Did I say innocent - not sure I remember that far back... )

Youth of today are so much more toned up than we were decades before gymns became fashionable and working out a necessity to attract people for sex. It just wan't our way back in the 70's.