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We are considering a You Tube channel for Hamilton Hall. With a weekly contribution to what we have been doing this week, what we have been up to, what YOU have been up to and an assortment of discussions on all sorts of different subjects from aliens to flat earth - sexuality to Jesus... gardening to cooking - so quite varied.

What do you think ?

Let us know in the comments below or e mail direct, and maybe we can get this off the ground and if enough people sign up and watch, it could become an extra earner for Hamilton Hall and means we could offer even more discounts and free vacations to those in need.

I guesstimated that over the years I have given away over £100,000 worth of free holidays, weekend breaks, workshops and dinners to people in need of a break but who could not afford one and so - enjoyed a few days to a week here with us - for free - and as 'Every Little Helps'- if more people helped others more, the world would not be so screwed up. Trouble is, in the gay world, it seems that everyone is out for themselves and do not - really - give a shit for others as long as they are alright. Selfish attitudes abound and there are too many self centred people claiming to be helping, when all they are doing is helping themselves.

These free weekends are paid for by my hard work. Period. Full Stop. Not from some charity, corporate body, council grant or church donations, - and it comes from what we earn here and any profit is put back into helping others less fortunate, keeping Hamilton Hall up to date with new beds and bedding, re decoration and upkeep, and as you would expect it - and not like some dirty sex crazed stick to the floor grubby little place grabbing your money and putting NOTHING back into the business as why bother, the gays will be led by their dick so why clean the place up and actually offer something nice when that costs money and as so many business' just want to take out every penny they can and re invest nothing in return and many accept that as the way it is - when it is NOT.


Kindness is all it is about.

No ' Oh aren't I great' -

No ego -

No showing off to the gay world how fantastic we are - just a kind and thoughtful gesture from the heart to help others.

Life has been good to me and I have always ' paid it forward' in so many ways and if only you could do the same - if only more of you thought about others and not just about yourselves all the time, if only people could help others with no hidden agenda and if only big corporate business would work from their humanity and not some appalling script that limits what they can say and do and the customer suffers.

It is another thing I have had on my mind for some years and always wanted to do - like write the book everyone tells me I should write - it's just doing it ... as with working between 8 and 18 hours a day, I am somewhat busy... but a You Tube channel could be fun and help ' bring you into the fold' of what it is like to live and work within a gay environment and where - for many millions - our lifestyle is a true fantasy.

Let me know your thoughts below or through e mail


Your YouTube channel John. I'd sign up straight away. Nice one. Jason.

I follow a few things on YouTube and yours would be a good addition. Nice idea John. Gerald.

Never watch YouTube much, maybe this would be a good reason to start. John.





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