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Dear John:- Your piece on YouTube about being SEX WORKER.

Love love love the story John.

I was a "working boy" in Atlanta for about a week. LOL 

And I did a Catering work on the weekend. 

I hurt my back badly while trying to carry a huge meat slicer machine on a big tray out to a truck.

Had to move back home.  This all happened in Atlanta in the fall of 1986!


The going rate for "escort" service was $85 USD an hour. 

I don't know what would have happened to me if I had stayed being an escort. 

I was more of a top then. LOL (Big Irish/German/English cock.)


Now I'm pretty much a bottom but just found out that I might be dealing with some strains of HPV. 

Will be getting treated in a couple of weeks. 


My tastes have gotten more to the Dom/sub kinky sort of play now.  Impact play.

Been sober 26 yrs and my sponsor even told me to go and get on Rent Boy.  LOL 

I just laughed at him.  What do I advertise, Sub daddy to service all your kinky needs? 


Loved your video and I want to hear the rest of the story.

Hopefully going to save up so I can fly over the pond and take a workshop!

Let me know if you have any gents over there who'd like to take out their frustrations on a yank from the states.  LOL

All my best to you. Gerry in Los Angeles.


John: Love the new site on YouTube, very good and what a superb place to advertise and show off all the things I find so absolutely fascinating about you personally John. You certainly have some interesting tales to share and I look forward to more.


John: Fabulous you are now on YouTube. I do hope you will be sharing some of your sex stories I have heard you share with us while I visited and I was fascinated, truly gob smacked at your life and so enjoyed your stories and company. Keep on truckin' John.

Another Fabulous person called - You guessed it - John...

Good evening, John,


Very nice of you to take the time to write me a note. I've not seen a Subscribe button anywhere but perhaps I.m not looking in the right place. Your business there is such a wonderful idea. I watched your video and found it very interesting. What an exciting life you have had so far. I would agree with you, that synchronicity is at work in everyone's lives, but I find most people are not aware of that. My friends have spoken about you and your place there in England and yesterday at brunch shared your link and have already enjoyed that very much. 


My friends are retired transplants from Maine, are wonderful guys and they have been together more than 50 years. I certainly enjoy their company. I have spent most of my life alone, but did meet an exceptional man relatively late in life and we shared seven wonderful years as husbands until he passed away in 2014. He was considerably older than me at the time. I thought in time I would meet another exceptional man and would be together with someone again, but that has not happened yet. My husband told me once that Heaven saves the very best for last, an impossibly kind thing to say when he was passing, and so hope springs eternal. I met him, of all places, on That is not my sort of venue, but I'll have to admit the nicest men I've met over many years I met initially on that site. I continue to have a profile there, because to my knowledge it's the only truly international gay website out there. There are many who are there to play and watch and hook up, but also there are some exceptional men there, and I've been lucy enough to meet a few over the years. 


I grew up on a farm in Oregon, but after finishing college went overseas to Asia, and ended up living and working in Tokyo for nearly 30 years, as a writer and teacher. Since returning to the US in 2000, I initially converted my home in Oregon into a state licensed 5-bed, level 3 hospice and that was by far the most fulfilling work of my life. I gravitated down to Santa Fe, and then to the southern tip of the state in Las Cruces, and worked for the university here for a dozen years, while earning masters and doctorate degrees. My area of study and expertise in family health, gerontology, and issues surrounding death and dying. I have also worked for the family courts refereeing high conflict couples and families, and today although pretty much retired, I do occasionally substitute teach special ed kids in the local school district. 


I was a technology and commercial writer all my career, but now am trying my hand at literary work, and am working on a novel based on my work in my hospice in Oregon, and have outlined and begun another on being gay and single and the search for a partner after 60. I am 71 and blessed with good health, and it seems such a waste not to share oneself and one's dreams and pursuits with a like minded soul. Mostly I have run into a lot of scammers and less than honest gay men, and I have come to the conclusion that this is simply a sign of the times we are living in. I've kissed more than a few toads hoping to find a prince but the pond seems a bit devoid of those these days, and I find most older gay men lethargic, closeted, apathetic, and generally having lost their zest for life. One reason I enjoy corresponding with a select few on silverdaddies, is because they are in South America, Asia, Europe, and elsewhere, and the outlook of men outside of America seems more positive and nurturing. A few I have met, other's just corresponded with...for some years now, and that has been both educational and illuminating. 


Well, I can see I'm going on and on WAY too much and so will close here, wishing you well, and thanking you again for your note. I hope I can contribute in some small way to your newsletter at some point in time, once I have my barrings and have read more about what you and others have written.




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