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These are different to the normal B&B / Workshop small print. Please make note

only available through e mail.

Scroll down for 'IRRITATED.'
       special offers are non refundable in case you cancel. see below.      


Not available over Bank Holidays

Special Workshop  / Event Weekends or the Festive Season
Credit / Debit Card bookings only

One Special Offer per person per visit unless discussed with John... and he is such an old softie ...

These Terms & Conditions are here to protect you - and us at Hamilton Hall, from any mistakes made.

e mail leaves a paper trail and any mistake can be seen and rectified - whereas phone calls do not.

If you need extra help, then please just ask nicely and we will do what we can to assist. If we think you

are just taking the piss, we may cancel any Special Offer requested / offered and only offer the full price

or add an Admin. Fee to cover our extra work. ( Some people do like to make life difficult.)

All Special Offers are subject to availability and ALL SPECIAL OFFERS ARE NON REFUNDABLE.

Full payment is made at the time of the reservation.

  1. All SPECIAL OFFERS require a password or phrase indicated on each special offer to be quoted in YOUR INITIAL - YOUR FIRST e mail enquiry..

  2. Only available between the dates stated..

  3. No offer to be doubled up to make longer periods.

  4. ALL OFFERS MADE by us are valid for 24 hours. 

  5. Date change or name change may incur an Admin Fee of between £25 and £50.

  6. Multiple e mails and/or phone calls and abusive behaviour  and/or using different names repeatedly - confuses  - and where we feel we are being messed around  or in a few cases, abused, will be withdraw  any offer made or requested  and if we  still allow you to make a reservation,  the full price  will be  charged.  We may also add an *Abuse Charge  as we are not here to be abused .  It is astounding how some people SCREAM at us - absolutely ranting and raving at us, and then think we want them here or at least, they think they are still going to get a special offer - and I have to say - IT IS ASTOUNDING how they think I am here to tollerate such anti social and abusive behaviour - WE ARE NOT - and anything considered abusive will - where we can - be charged to help us feel better - maybe using that charge for a nice dinner out to cheer us up... 
    Just be nice. Be organised. Know what you want. Have your credit card, glasses and a pen handy and DO NOT mess us around.   

  7. *( between £25 and £100 )

  8. CANCELLATION:- If WE cancel your booking date and another is not suitable -  we will refund 100% of your monies paid. We may also offer an extra discount or even a free weekend as a gesture of good will if this is the case.

  9. CANCELLATION;- If WE  cancel or withdraw an offer  or reservation because we feel we are being / have been messed around by the customer,  or if you do not turn up for the reservatioon and do not cancel - or if we have to phone you to find out you are cancelling - all monies will be retained and the difference between the full price and the special offer may be charged so we are fully paid. If you do not keep us in the loop - advised - phoned or even e mailed and we have to chase to find out where you are - the full price will be charged against any special offer paid.

  10. CANCELLATION;- If YOU cancel a Special Offer Reservation after it has been completed - there is NO REFUND.  PLEASE BARE THIS IN MIND.

  11. Special Offers are not available for a Specific Weekend Workshop / Naked Chill Out  or during any workshop period X Rated / New Year Season,  Festive Christmas  or  Bank Holiday.  Please see DATES OF EVENTS PLANNED

  12. By paying for a reservation you are entering a legally binding contract between yourselves and Hamilton Hall and agree to our Terms & Conditions  and accept that Hamilton Hall, it's managemnt and staff are not responsible for your health and well being. We have taken extra precautions against the Covid 19 virus and anyone could  be responsible for bringing it into the venue or into any of our lives - and Hamilton Hall is not responsible for this. We clean, We disinfect. We bleach. We do more than instructed and go way beyond our 'normal' cleaning to help keep us all healthy and safe.

  13. Terms & Conditions for normal B&B



Comment from John: 


Apologies for such strict guidelines and Terms and Conditions above.  Sadly, this is needed because not all people seem to understand small business and how it operates. 
If you need guidance and assistance it is our pleasure to help you in any way you need,  please just ask - but if it is considered to be someone wasting our time or taking the piss, then an *Admin. Charge may be added. *( Between £5 and £50 )


MJB. . . . . . ..