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if you are offended

If you are offended by anything on this web site, then leave. Do not read further. It really is as simple as that.

If you have a problem with something on this site - with a workshop content or a comment / article -  we are always very open to discuss it with you but will not tollerate abusive and / or unintelligent arguments.

We believe in sharing ALTERNATIVE TRUTHS often not found on manipulative news channels or through the mass media, who often have agendas at play.  Hamilton Hall believes in sharing truths and if we have used a piece from a web site or media outlet without permission, our apologies.  We do get sent material by people and we do not always know where it has come from but value its input as important for people to see.
Hamilton Hall and John Bellamy do hold certain legal and moral obligations and rights in order to protect our customers and while we cater to the individual, if it is felt one person is spoiling it for the others, they will be spoken to and if nothing changes, they will be asked to leave and no refund will be forthcoming.


Please notify us if we have used copywritten material and it will be deleted. Truth is too important to withhold from people and we make no profit by sharing these truths.
This web site is © copywrite to John Bellamy and 'Hamilton Hall Productions © '  and you are very welcome to use our material as long as you give a credit and a link back to this web site. /  01202-399227 /


Hamilton Hall and or John Bellamy are not affilliated with any Corporate or Charitable Body, Government Office, Big Business, Religious Institution or any other governing body. 


All monies earned are ploughed back into Hamilton Hall offering FREE HOLIDAYS to those with HIV and/or the elderly who are living on a low / subsidized income and are in need of a few days to a weeks free holiday.  If you would care to donate towards the cost of this,  any donation is greatly appreciated.

If at any time during an Adult X Rated Weekend / Workshop you feel it is not for you, please discuss this with your host during a break and if suitable, you can stay within the building and share meals but not have further dealings with the workshop.

If it is felt you cannot remain peacefully within the building and respect those remaining on the workshop and the facilitator, you will be asked / told to leave and no refund will be forthcoming.  You have every opportunity to read and question anything and everything before attending and we expect you to offer a mature and educated input throughout.

We may touch on deeply help personal beliefs that may offend and/or introduce new ideas formerly unknown and we mean absolutely no offense in this.  In opening up new ideas to previously held belief structures we wish to introduce the ideas that nothing is set in stone, and how no truth is a truth - as all truths change over time.  We mean to open your  conscious self awareness to how there is more to life, death and the universe than we can possibly imagine - and how closed minds always seem to come with open mouths, and all too often, this is dangerous. 
Please offer an educated and well thought through argument, as then your input will be held worthy.


A  ' SNOWFLAKE ' is an overly sensitive or easily offended person - and if this is you, then fuck off - I really do not have time for those who take offense at the simplist thing as it is usually - ATTENTION SEEKING AND BORES THE PANTS OFF ME.

Various groups and organisations offer events at Hamilton Hall for those seeking a more enlightened path incorporating Sexuality, Spirituality and Self Development of Mind, Body and Soul.

For those who question the validity of this, we ask that if it is not for you - then close this page and look elsewhere.

 Not all people walk on hot coals and not everyone believes in God, The LochNess Monster or The Tooth Fairy. Amazingly enough, some people actually like Tony Blair and Donald Trump - which just goes to show, we are all different.

Everyone has a different journey and respecting and honouring our differences is important and shows an enlightened mind.

We ask that you offer a sexually mature and adult frame of mind when dealing with Hamilton Hall  Adolescent attitudes will not be tollerated and we do expect  you to act responsibly and in a mature fashion and offer the same towards others at all times.
All prices shown are per person - obviously.  EXTRA NIGHTS ADDED at the beginning or end of a special event / workshop period are to be charged at the standard B&B price.  Dinner is available at £25 per person per night.




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