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I think I am from another planet.

When I hear of tragic stories like the one below, i do wonder how I am alive and living on a planet with so many horrible, vile and thoughtless people, as who gives up their pet after so many years because they cannot be bothered any more with an old dog, and would you do that to your Gran or Grandad ? - Just give them away to any charity that would look after them until death ? There really are some disgraceful people out there.


“She was 18. Her people, who loved her whole life, took her, a vaccination booklet, a leash, a collar and her belongings and took her to the Baldwin Park shelter. They said they were tired of fighting with an older dog, signed papers and left, without even looking at her.

When she was picked up by a volunteer at the shelter, she leaned on him probably wishing it was all just an ugly dream.

The moment was immortalized by photographer John Hwang, who was in the shelter at the time.

Unfortunately, dogs love sincerely, with all their heart, with all their soul and are unable to understand that human 'love forever' most often has an expiration date.. - to annual, to moving, to illness, to old age...

Dogs definitely deserve better people!”



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