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16 - 67 in just a few moments.

I’m 16 years of age and I’ve just met an older man.

He’s 42. And the first gay man I had met.

We became lovers and while some would judge, please don’t as I knew this was what I wanted, even though this was 1971 and I was as naïve as they come.

Eight long years later, he met a younger but not so attractive man and I was ceremoniously dumped penniless even though he owed me BIG TIME.

Within a few months I moved to London to be with my next lover who turned out to be an arrogant asshole and I left within a year renting a room in a gay household in Chiswick.

Fucked the landlord to get the room and he introduced me within a few months to someone who instantly – as if from a past life, we both fell in love from that first moment and this was to take me to the USA for the next 4 long years. Rich wasn’t the word. He had homes and properties all over and we spent the next four years swanning about and I am now in my prime, 26 – 30 and gorgeous.

The money never interested me as I loved him dearly and if I had been a ‘ YES MAN’ we would have survived but I stood up to him and his appalling behaviour and this eventually split us up, as being a spoiled little rich man who had always been surrounded by sycophants and ‘ yes men’ and he wasn’t sure how to handle this Limey who stood up and told him his behaviour was appalling and so forth, and while it was probably the best thing for him, he tried to kill me twice… and each time I laughed and that was that.

We split and I was now 30.

He dumped me back in the UK penniless – destitute – so I became a prostitute and within 18 months was able to put 1/3rd down in cash on an apartment in west London – so not bad for just 18 months work.

Massage and happy endings.

Converted the loft into a fuck dungeon – and created a character – Christopher – the bondage hung top master – and while I knew nothing of this scene, it was like a duck to water and from the very start, I found what I was really good at – and the clients and money rolled in.

I even paid tax as a sex worker.

At 38 I sold the flat and bought a 3 story terrace house in Hammersmith and continued my business as a sex worker and also opened my own escort agency called 30+ - Escorts over the age of 30 – and business boomed.

The years passed – 3 times a week at the gym – being part of many gay organizations helping out, hosting events, chairman of the London Gay Naturist – and eventually ran my own Gay Spiritual Group and there was 500 members and masses of events and meditations, discussions and more hosted at my house.

Almost everyone knew I was an escort – and as I was always educated and friendly with style and class, not some cheap whore – I garnered respect.

Then at 45 I knew it was time for something new. I was to sell my house and give up everything I knew – and move in with family back in Bournemouth where I grew up and after 5 months, bought an old peoples home and got change of use to a hotel, and after 6 months of building and decorating, re-plumbing and a total make over, Hamilton Hall was opened as a sexual, self and spiritual retreat style hotel for mind, body and soul of men, and after a few years struggling – business boomed. Appearing on the TV programme ’3 IN A BED’ was not only a great fun thing to do – a real hoot – but put us on the map and we were seen in Australia, New Zealand, all over Europe and even in America – and for a small gay mens venue, we were known globally.

The years passed and I turned 50, and then 55 and my mid life crisis was turning 60 – as I was so settled in at Hamilton Hal, we were so well known and had so many regular customers, that I saw this as my final destination.

Now suddenly I am 67 and knocking on 70 any day now as when you get older, time really does fly and one does wonder where the years have gone.

My sex life has changed and I find myself very much in demand as ‘ the older man’ with a big dick and being a top, get tons of younger guys wanting – needing, a Father figure.. ha ha … and I am quite firm with naughty boys and those who need a good seeing to and at my age, I see so many men of my age who are old, given up, bitter and angry at their lot in life – rather than re invent themselves in some way and re create a new person – one people want to have fun with whether it be sexually or just in conversation, but by offering bitterness and resentment, serves no one.

So as I get older and wonder what the future holds for me and whether I actually want to work so hard for such little reward, I see my reward in those who return year after year and who absolutely love the insanity, the madness, the Faulty Towers and the personality shared, and I am joyed.

SO as we move slowly ( or not so slowly ) towards my 70’s and wonder WTF have the decades gone, I look back with love, much affection and wonder at the most incredible journey anyone could dream of – and I give thanks.

I remember one day while living in Guernsey with my first lover from the age of 16 - 24 - an old gentleman friend named Gerry Pendrall-Smith who in his early 80's was living in an old peoples home saying to me -

' John, when I was your age I closed my eyes one day and when I re opened them again I found myself here in this old peoples home and in my 80's, that's how quickly the years have gone.'

and I remember thinking WTF - I am only 18... but that night when I went to bed I woke the next day and I am now 67 - so nearly 50 years had passed, and now with my maturity and age I realize the wisdom in his words and how very quickly it does go and how, very soon, my journey will be coming to an end and I want to make sure I pack a lot more in before then.

Hamilton Hall is my destiny - as was being an escort, and I am thrilled to have been living my spiritual journey throughout my life and not just going to work and plodding my way through the years lost and unable to see my destiny or where the final destination lay. I have been living my own truths for a very long time and many resent and many envy but that is not my concern - it is for them to figure out - and I just get on with doing what I do and loving every minute.

But where have the years gone. How has time flown so fast - as when I was kid that period after the summer holidays going back to school in September seemed an absolute age until Christmas and now I plan for several festive seasons ahead of time 0- having already pout in place the Diary of Events for 2023 - 2024 - and I know that any moment now we will be there in time and planning 2024 - into 2025.....

So the best thing I can say is - ENJOY EVERY DAY AND STOP MOANING AND SEE THE SUNSHINE... SMELL THE FLOWERS.... TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM AND AVOID THOSE YOU DO NOT. SPOIL YOURSELF TO SOMETHING - HOWEVER SMALL - EVERY DAY - and tonight, it is Strictly and I am spoiling myself with feet up, cuppa tea and Strictly... as it is the little things that make a day and it is the little things we need to appreciate.

Stay healthy

Stay sane

Stay happy.


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