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30 PLUS ESCORTS - Dispelling the fantasy that sex workers are all victims.

Nigel - the lawyer. English

Michael - the doctor. English

Marcello - the accountant. From New York.

Simon - the nurse. From Hawaii

Stephen- the buyer. From Harvey Nicks.

Pedro - the model. From Brazil

Jose - the model. From Brazil Craig - the nurse. From Australia

Steven - Student From New Zealand

Nick - Designer - From New Zealand Domenic - Builder. From New Zealand Robby - Student - From South Africa Jeremy - Buyer at Harrods

Steven - Buyer at Harrods

Simon - Full time sex worker from South Africa

Philip - Front Desk Manager at The Dorchester Hotel. London.

Geoff - Concierge at The Ritz Hotel Mike - Concierge at The Langham Hotel

Over the years there have been hundreds who worked for me on my gay mens escort agency and hundreds more I have forgotten over the years. As you can see from the few I have listed above, many had responsible and well paid jobs and were not what many assume to be a sex worker.

Many - wrongly - assume sex workers are all victims. You know - no brains, no future, maybe a big dick or big tits and many fall into the sex industry as a last resort, maybe are broke and on the dole and wanting to earn some cash quickly. They are already fucked up and going into the sex industry may earn then tons of money, but most blow it on fast cars, fast living, drugs, booze, expensive clothes and showing off ... and do not think about the future and do not invest their money ' for a rainy day' and many - quite simply, end up fucked up and broke after years ' on the game ' ( believe me guys - IT IS NO GAME ) and worse off than before they went into the sex industry as now 5 or maybe 10 years have passed, they are a decade older and less attractive and past their selling point and just as broke and now, they do not have much to fall back on after a life of sex, drugs and loads of money - and many fall victim to ending up back on the dole and broke and now, even more fucked up than before. It is very much this way in the gay sex industry and sadly, the arrogance of most gay sex workers spells disaster from the start. Many assume they can cope with it - but cannot admit their failings and end up mentally fucked.

It is a very hard job although these days within the gay media they highlight it as if it was a fantasy, which while it may be for many, they do not tell you the dangers involved and the threats, the fear, the constant worry and the concern about HIV and STD's.

I ran the agency fairly and with great consideration for my escorts - as well as for the client - and because I stood out from other agencies in that I had older guys and not twinks and I cared for the guys with great concern for their safety, I was well respected and a very busy agency.

It IS many peoples fantasy but the reality and the fantasy are two very different things.

How many buy a bar in Spain and assume it is going to be a holiday job - and have no idea they will be working 18 hours a day 7 days a week and will be exhausted at the end of the season and have made very little cash... and that IT IS NOT WHAT THEY THOUGHT... and the same can be said for the sex industry.

Not all sex workers are victims. Not all sex workers are dumb.

Not all sex workers are the same and many sex workers offer a brilliant and 5 star service while, sadly - most do not.

If you see sex workers, - PLEASE - offer respect as you expect to be respected and DO NOT belittle or treat with contempt as that says more about you and not the sex worker.


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