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A Conversation

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By John Bellamy

The conversation I am talking about, is one many of you will not read here until the end. It has no pictures of cocks.

This conversation you have already had - last year - last month and even yesterday.

It is nothing new and nothing old either.

It just is - and always has been - and always will be, a conversation you will have and funnily enough, as you read this, are having within yourself right this very moment.

Puzzled - then read on.

It is a conversation that is not about sex, drugs or rock'n'roll, - It is not about who is running for Prime Minister or President or who the next shag will be and where, although on many levels, all these do come into this conversation and are all a part of all conversations, ultimately.

It is not a conversation about your job, your income, your troubles and strife and it is not about whether we live on a Flat Earth or whether or not, we believe in fate, coincidence or synchro destiny, or whether we are Jewish, Muslim or atheist.

It is not a conversation about aliens from outer space, whether our cholesterol levels are too high or even about life and death itself.

It is just a conversation, and whether or not you like it - whether or not you believe it and whether or not you accept it - on any level at all - within your mind, your thoughts and within your consciousness, as it is a conversation that encapsulates all of the above, or none at all, or of more than you can possibly imagine.

For this is a conversation with your Self - the Inner You - and this Inner You we shall call, for the sakes of using a name - a word, something for our limited consciousness to grasp onto and make sense of, -

is God.

The God within you.

The God of your subconscious self, that inner voice, that inner feeling and that inner knowing.

Now - Have some of you turned away ?

How many of you instantly clicked to go see some cock on another page ?

How many of you are scared away as soon as you hear the word God - NOT from any religious concept, but just the thought - the word - GOD - bores you - intimidates you - makes you look at the ceiling and turns you cold ?

Bored with this ridiculous idea of some Supreme Being - The Father, Son and Holy Ghost, The Mother / of all creation and of our / your world.

That's not a problem, as when the time is right and when your life energy seeks more than all of the above - and as hard as it is for some to bring their awareness away from their lower regions ; - your cock, your arse, your sex life while having this ' in body experience' of which, there is absolutely nothing wrong, nothing inherently evil or bad or X rated at all, as all signs of sexuality are in the service of you - you having an experience of the Universal Energy through your sexuality - through your physical incarnation - experiencing the body energies available to re connect you to - something greater - something bigger and something many call - spiritual.

It isn't really spiritual at all.

Nothing is.

Not a single word of any of the plethora of religious texts, bibles, poems, music, songs or even paintings: - Nothing is spiritual until you give it that label and see it as such - you feel something from said writings or songs, your heart feels it and this for all it is - is isness.

It just is.

Yet it scares so many.

It is used by so many and manipulated and changed and distorted to serve their own agendas of control, and this is not of God at all, this is not a natural progression for the human soul - YOUR soul - and this is not the way forward through these mistruths some conjure up to look important and more powerful and in touch with - something greater - and this betrays the true meaning of God for a lesser God, a smaller God, a God of the single mind and not a God of the totality of all that is.

As we grow older we look more inward as we look to the future with different eyes,- a different viewpoint and a different vision of what we hope, - what we desire and what we need for the future - when we need nothing at all as all will be provided as long as we look forward with a gratitude for what is - and not find fault with what we think should have been.

By giving thanks for what is, we give thanks to the Universe for 'Job Well Done,.; and we move forward with our lives in joyous harmony with the Universal Mother / Father / Energy who - whether you believe or not - is within your very being.

So any conversation we have with ourselves has to come through truth and whether your life be centred around your cock and balls and sex life, whether once a night or never at all, is all your choice and your journey and celebrating it - celebrating you are ALIVE - is what matters most -

giving thanks.

So whatever your journey and whatever your thoughts about this piece may be, know the God within knows every word written here before it is even read and that your Inner Self knows the truth - even if on a conscious level, you deny.

For you are a child of God. Not religious. Not spiritual, not anything else at all, just that - a Child of God and this God does not want your worship, your adoration, your prayers or your devotion. This God only wants what is best for you and you alone. So why do you constantly fuck it up all the time when God speaks through your Inner Self - all the time, and it just takes a moment to actually hear and have a commune with God - at any time and not just when in an emergency or when you want something - and God will share with you in a language of your soul, and if that means using language many abhor, then who do you think made the fucking words up in the first place and do you really think God is offended by a four lettered word - while children die of AIDS in Africa and people are butchered in wars around the planet ? Do you REALLY think God is offended by your language ?

Listen to the conversation within and find the answers that will always serve you.

John Bellamy


John Bellamy says :- ' I was laying in the garden yesterday getting sun, and as I found myself drifting off into sleep, I heard these words in my head - '

'The conversation - The conversation I am talking about, is one many of you will not read here until the end.    It has no pictures of cocks.

This conversation you have already had - last year - last month and even yesterday. It is nothing new and nothing old either.'

and I was instantly awake and reaching for a pen and paper to write these words down. As I sat and wrote, more came to me and I had to gather my things and head for the office, switch on the computer and with my thoughts coming together, allow them to flow through me and onto the keyboard and - this is how the piece above was written.

The Bible, the Koran and many great works of literature and song were written in this fashion and is called 'CHANNELLING.'

I have channelled since a child and got top marks at school for my story writing , which came to me in my dreams and I would write it down first thing. Teachers thought I had copied from a book as words used were not of my knowledge and I remember using the word 'leviathan' when describing the Titanic in one piece and while I had no idea what the word meant, it was perfect - ( The word comes from Hebrew livyathan which means a great sea serpent or sea monster. ) and it was decades before I read about channelling and realized this was what I had been doing all along - connecting to a higher source and it spoke through me.

We can all do it. We just need to listen.

A very good book is 'Conversations With God' which I read back in the last 80's and it touched me deeply and ignited something in me I had ' let go of' as an adult and I started channelling again and listening to that inner voice, and while I have got lost along the way, worrying about the price of beans in Tesco, the next shag and worrying about money, life and death and all sorts - yesterday - laying in the sun, it spoke to me again - as it always was, I just wasn't always ready to listen.

That inner self will never let you down and always offers truth, and while this truth is not always what we want to hear, truth is truth regardless and following that truth can be hard and painful, but ultimately got me here to Hamilton Hall as your truth will get you to exactly where you need to be.

So, have a conversation with your self. Listen to the voice within and not allow your ego to say what you want to hear, - invite the God Within to speak to and through you - in truth - and life - death and the universe, will all become one and all within your mind, body and soul.

John Bellamy


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All rights reserved.


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