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Abuse & Theft by the Post Office & More News

Not only did the Post Office blame hundreds of innocent Postal Workers of fraud and destroy their lives and even send many to prison FOR A MISTAKE THAT HAS SINCE BEEN PROVEN TO BE THE POST OFFICE's - and where all these innocent people had their lives and livelihoods ruined because of a computer fuck up and a Post Office company being unwilling to see that they were the ones responsible for the fuck up and instead barge ahead with prosecutions ;- and we now see that they are now stealing from us all in claiming that stamps that are not bar coded are no longer to be used and this means , people like me who have £20 or £30 worth of stamps - now find they are worthless and THIS IS FRAUD.


I was sent a letter by someone and it was not delivered and I had to collect it from my local Postal Centre and pay an additional £2 on top of what the postage would have been as old stamps had been used and I was charged for the post office to process this as no stamps at all, even though it was fully stamped, and again, this is fraud.

I will be damned if I will ever use the post office again to send packages or anything as with e mail, WHO THE FUCK NEEDS THEM ANY MORE and they wonder why business is down when they legally steal from us all in this manner.


Gordon Brown wanted to be Prime Minister for many years and moaned and groaned to Tony Blair - and when eventually he did get a crack at it - he was crap.

I do hope King Charles - after decades of waiting for the job and bemoaning about having to wait so long, is better at it than Gordon Brown was at being the PM. King Charles has - of course - had 70 years training for the job but that means very little - actually - and there is nothing like ' on the job' experience, which Charles has had plenty of and now he is King, I wish him all the best.


Just as I was thinking of stopping a couple of the workshops because they - to me - were not working - I then host what was to be the last of the Cock & Ball Workshop and the Vacuum Pumping weekend, and both were spectacular with a few cancellations but those who attended were great fun and where everyone joined in and a great time was had ... and it showed me that these weekends still do work, are still in demand and many thoroughly enjoy them.

So for 2023 there will be a few changes and a few new weekends offered but it does seem the naked sexy weekends make money while the spiritual ones I love offering, do not, so we do whatever it is we need to do to keep going and to those who complain it is all too sexual, WHERE ARE YOU FOR ALL THE NON SEXUAL SPIRITUAL WEEKENDS WE TRY AND FACILITATE... so stop your bitching and take responsibility - NOTHING stays open if you do not support it.


Got a gas bill today for the last 3 moths and while it was out of this world high, it was also estimated and estimated massively in their favour. Massively in their favour.,

Claiming they see how much gas has been used on years past to make these estimations is absolute bollocks, as every single estimate I have ever had has always been massively incorrect and where

the company is trying to get more money out of me for a bill that is incorrect.

If they do this to a million customers then they are tens of millions in profit in the bank earning interest and yet IS NOT THEIR MONEY.

When you ask for it back - all sorts of excuses are offered and then it is claimed it will take 3 weeks to return the excess overpaid to your account, which is fine, JUST REPAY THE MONEY YOU HAVE FRAUDULANTLY TAKEN FROM MY ACCOUNT YOU THIEVING BASTARDS.



What would you like us to offer at Hamilton Hall ? Send in your - legal - suggestions and we can take it from there.

Some have asked for underwear weekends which is rather dumb considering we are a clothing optional venue and a weekend for tight jeans is definitely not a money spinner, but if you can think of something we could offer, and maybe you might either attend or even host, do let us know. No use bemoaning there is nothing to do and no one is offering anything if you do not take part . Too many moan in this manner and it just irritates. Those who do fuck all but moan about those who are trying to do something ... anything,,, is better than doing fuck all.


The British Post Office scandal is a miscarriage of justice involving the wrongful civil and criminal prosecutions of an unknown or unpublished number of sub-postmasters (SPMs) for theft, false accounting and/or fraud. The cases constitute the most widespread miscarriage of justice in British legal history, spanning a period of over twenty years and it remains unresolved.

After some convicted SPMs successfully sued the Post Office, 555 convictions were declared unsafe and to have been obtained unlawfully.

By 2022, 736 prosecutions had been identified, 81 convictions had been overturned and more were expected to be quashed. The number of those affected by other types of abuse by the Post Office, torts, breach of contract, coercion etc., has not been tabulated or published. The prosecutions, civil actions, and extortions resulted in criminal convictions, false confessions, imprisonments, defamation, loss of livelihood, bankruptcy, divorce, and suicide

In 1996, International Computers Limited (ICL) began working on a computer accounting system, called Horizon, for the publicly-owned Post Office corporation. By 1999, ICL was part of Fujitsu.

In 1999, the problems began with Horizon's introduction, which wrongly detected the existence of financial discrepancies at multiple post office branches.

Second Sight's (forensic accountants) report of 2014 described the Horizon Computer System as not fit for purpose, whilst the Post Office stated that "there is absolutely no evidence of any systemic issues with the computer system". The Post Office terminated the Initial Complaint Review and Mediation Scheme in 2015 and published a report clearing themselves of any wrongdoing.

The Post Office has a single shareholder, the British Government. Initially, the government refused to pay any compensation; both the Post Office and government repeatedly stated that the money awarded when the SPMs sued the Post Office was a full and final settlement.[ After appeals by MPs in 2021, the government promised financial compensation to the victims of the scandal, as the Post Office itself did not have sufficient resources.

The Post Office set up a separate historic shortfall scheme that went on to attract more than 2,400 claims.

The scheme excluded the 555 SPMs who had successfully sued the post office. As of February 2022, no commitment to compensate those 555 SPMs existed.

On 22 March 2022, a government scheme was launched to compensate the 555 SPMs at the same level of compensation as other SPMs.

In 2020, the government initiated an independent inquiry, led by retired judge Wyn Williams. After two initial hearings, it was converted to a public inquiry in June 2021. In November it held a preliminary 'List of Issues Hearing' and, in February 2022, commenced a series of 'Human Impact Hearings' investigating whether the Post Office and software supplier Fujitsu knew about the faults in the IT system, which led to criminal convictions and civil proceedings against staff, which have subsequently been quashed. The inquiry hopes to be completed by Autumn 2022


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