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Blackpool to change its name

Read on to see why Blackpool is changing its name...

When a pub displays a collection of Golliwogs - which use to

be completely acceptable but these days KNOWING it is considered offensive - and stands by their right to display them, then this is plainly dumb - then the pub deserved all it gets in a backlash.

It way be woke,. It may be dumb, but it is the way it is these days and some things - like this - can be changed but so many other things, cannot.

Chymorvah ( guest ) House in Marazion in Cornwall in 2008 refused two gay men - and unmarried couples - to share a double bed, and the owners ended up being fined and loosing their business as they stood against changing their web site to state they had strict Christian beliefs and all guests had to adhere to their values rather than abide by the law - and absolutely no sympathy for them.

The Brecon Beacons National Park is having a name change.

From today, it's adopting the Welsh name of Bannau Brycheiniog National Park.

Bannau is the Welsh plural for peaks and Brycheiniog refers to the old kingdom of King Brychan, who lived in the fifth century.

The park's managers said the present name referencing wood-burning, carbon-emitting beacons no longer fits the ethos of the park and the change is a direct response to the climate and ecological crisis.

What about Beaconsfield ? if and when you change the name to some dumb woke friendly name, you loose the history of WHY it was called Beacons Field . ( and if you don't know, use your fucking common sense or google it...)

How fucking woke can you get ?

So BLACKPOOL is going to have to change its name as it refers to the word black which is offensive.

The Blackpool Tower has changed its name to Stark Tower. ( FFS ...)

Dickins books are going to have the name changed as Dickins instils sexual thoughts in people.

Spotted Dick - another name change as it is offensive to those with spots and warts on their peckers.

Sausages are to be banned as they remind people of a penis ( and clearly, an uncircumcised penis at that. )

All veg like Courgettes ( Zucchini ) - banned because they are penis shaped and - well obviously - sexualize children just be seeing one in Tesco.

Queens Pudding - offensive to camp gay men.

The Black Bitch Arms pub - well that is offensive on many counts, maybe re name it the 'Non White Female Dog Pub ?'

What about any of the more than 50 UK pubs with names like ' The Dirty Dick.'

Is 'the Black Country' to be called 'The Mixed Race Country ?'

Any pub with the word ' Arms' in its title is offensive to anyone with no arms.

Black Adder TV programme - highly suspicious.

Which towns in the UK have a bottom in the name?

The rather distracting Scratchy Bottom, Dorset. Winterbottom, Cheshire. The inappropriate (without permission) Slap Bottom, Hampshire. The aforementioned Galloping Bottom, Somerset - are these towns now going to have to change their names because someone might be offended and assume it means it promotes butt fucking ?

Let's step one large leap forward -

All towns with a Saint in its name - so St. James Park - etc. is this offensive to Muslims and non Christians ?

Is church bell ringing to stop as it inflicts a Christian ideology on those who are non Christian and is noise pollution. ?

White Hall - White Chapel - and any of at least 150 towns and villages whose name begins with WHITE - is this racist ? The Tank Museum - instills pride in machines designed to murder and maim.

Rumpelstiltskin - sound too much like a Crumpled Foreskin - so must be banned.

When a women complained some time ago because I was re arranging my cock and balls in my trousers as they were uncomfortable - and she said it made her feel threatened sexually, ( FFS ...) I barked LOUDLY about how many times a day does she rearrange her boobs in her bra - and she has the fucking nerve to complain to me.

Another time a women who deliberately tried to look up a friends kilt at a funeral and when he instantly - mockingly - lifted her dress in return, she screamed the place down, the police were called and she could not get it - would not appreciate that she sexually assaulted him by trying to look up his kilt but it was different when a man did it to a women - and what's good for one is good for the other.

She was the one the police threatened with arrest if the guy wanted to press charges and all she could do was cry that it was not fair when she was in the wrong and it went against her.

This woke environment so many are buying into, like the Brecon Beacon name change, is absolutely absurd,

Naturally, Blackpool is not about to change its name at all - well not yet - although the Blackpool Tower is now Stark Tower ( WTF - what is this - a Iron Man movie ...? ) as no one has complained about it but it is early days and I am sure someone will. Some boring little person with no personality and who has very little life at all and just wants to be heard and make a fuss so someone, somewhere, notices them...

That's all this woke stuff is. It is NOT constructive or helpful at all. It is NOT alleviating racism or homophobia or anything else, it just draws small minded people together to complain and to be noticed.



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