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Can you film the police ?

John: Thought I would share this with you.

I witnessed a violent tussle between two policemen and a pair of teenagers a couple of years ago now which turned quite nasty and I filmed it on my phone. I was in my flat and this happened right outside my window so I was safe as the punches were thrown - by the police - towards the teenagers. It was completely 'over the top' and I was shocked at the violence offered by these men in blue.

After a van arrived and arrested the youths, the police noticed me at the window filming and came and banged on my door and when I opened it, they tried to push their way into my house without my permission and I stood firm and would not let them in. They shouted that I would be under arrest for filming them and that I had to hand over the camera or face arrest. I just laughed right in their faces as I knew this was an illegal request and even trying to enter my home with no warrant was also illegal, so I stood my ground even though shaking like a leaf by now.

They tried to grab my phone as I continued filming and as we spoke I walked them back into my kitchen, with them still insisting I give them my phone and stating that it was illegal to film them, and on my land line I dialed 999 and when it answered, I explained that Policeman Number - ( and gave their numbers ) are illegally in my home, illegally trying to steal my camera and illegally trying to enforce laws that do not exist, and BOY did the two cops back off real quick.

They almost ran out of my house, and the arrogance and the condescending attitude offered,- changed immediately when they realised they were not going to get away with bullying me and breaking the law in doing so and lying about what the law said.

I since sent the tape to the local paper and they made a big deal out of it and I thought it important to let people know that :- IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO FILM THE POLICE as long as you are not on private property ( unless your own ) like a shopping mall, hotel / office complex as these are private property and you have to ask permission to film.

This was a couple of years ago and nothing happened to the police involved, nothing at all.

Robert H. ( Clapham )


Are we, the Public, allowed to film the police in the streets doing their jobs ? YES YOU ARE.

If he puts his hands on you are touches your camera or threatens to arrest you - he is breaking the law but will often claim you were aggressive and so he went to arrest you and then because you pulled away you will be done for resisting arrest, but what were you being arrested for in the first place - NOTHING ILLEGAL EXCEPT FIGHTING AGAINST THE POLICE WHO ARE MISBEHAVING AND LYING TO YOU - PERIOD.

The police are who you call in an emergency BUT the vast majority of people when asked - stated they do not trust the police any more. Long gone are the days when we all knew our local Bobby :-

Long gone are the days when they offered a friendly thoughtful service towards those they are paid to serve - US.

Long gone are the days when we are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY - and the police these days see it as GULTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT.

WATCH THIS Are you allowed to film within a shopping mall, hotel complex or train station ?

The police often ask - after a major incident - if anyone filming can share their footage and so help the police with the incident in question. So - if as they claim it is illegal, how come they ask for our help if and when it suits them.

The police DO NOT KNOW THE LAW - THEY ARE NOT LAWYERS and their general knowledge of the law is basic at best and many of us will have as much knowledge as they do, if not more, and yet they bully and intimidate and many people, unaware of the law, adhere to these bullies.

The police are afraid of being caught on camera doing something they are not allowed to do while filming us all the time, everywhere you go, and even now on their body cameras. It is impossible to escape cameras and even here at Hamilton Hall after years of fighting against, I have been forced to put up cameras to offer an extra bit of protection for my guests - NOT THAT WE HAVE EVER HAD ANY TROUBLE - and last year when there was some trouble late at night outside, the police wanted to see my footage - and if filming is illegal as many cops lie, then why ask for my help ? I APPRECIATE THE POLICE DO A HORRIBLE JOB AND NOT ONE I WOULD CHOOSE, BUT WHEN DEALING WITH PEOPLE AND ESPECIALLY THE GENERAL PUBLIC WHO PAY YOUR WAGES - TREATING EVERYONE AS A CRIMINAL IS NOT THE WAY FORWARD AND BEING ARROGANT AND A BULLY DOES NOT INSTILL TRUST BETWEEN THE PEOPLE AND THE POLICE AT ALL, AND CLEARLY LESSONS ARE NEVER LEARNED.



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