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Dad Claps Back After ‘Homophobic’ Wife Criticizes Him For Showing Affection To His Gay Son

Parenting with stepparents takes a delicate balance.

Trying to even out the hierarchy is never easy.

And sometimes parents are going to come to blows.

One just hopes it’s never a debate involving intolerance.

Case in point…

Redditor supersecret235 wanted to discuss his experience and get some feedback. So naturally, he came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

He asked:

“AITA for not treating my wife like an equal parent by telling her she has no say in the way I bond with my son and also calling her homophobic?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

When I (37 Male) was 17 I got my then-girlfriend (16) pregnant with twin boys.”

“Her parents didn’t want the babies to ‘ruin’ her future so they said that I had to either take them or give them up for adoption because she was not raising them.”

“I wanted to give them up but my parents told me not to.”

“For the first seven years of my boys’ lives, I didn’t act like a father and was more like a big brother.”

“They knew I was their father though, but we never bonded like father-sons.”

“When I was ready to move out, I wanted to do it without them but my dad let me know it was my responsibility.”

“So I had to take them (I didn’t want it at first but I’m glad it happened).”

“We started bonding as father-sons.”

“I started loving them and their love for me increased.”

“I remember the three of us would sit on the couch to watch movies, one would sit on my left and one on my right while I wrapped my arms around them, they’d put their heads on my chest and I often kissed their forehead.”

“We’ve been doing this since they were seven.”

“I met my current wife, 5 years ago, (my kids were 15) we married 3 years ago after we welcomed our daughter (4 Female]).”

“She saw me doing this with my kids when we watched movies and she never said anything.”

“My kids are no longer living with us because they left for college.”

“But they come to see me every now and then.”

“My boys are 20 now but they still like to put their heads on my chest while I wrap my arms around them, they do it every time they visit and I’m watching TV.”

“My son, Liam visited me 2 weeks ago, he came out to me as gay and introduced me to his Boy Friend. ”

“I don’t care how my kids live their sexuality or who they love, I love them no matter what.”

“I just want them to be happy and I don’t feel any different.”

“And it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable to hug him or kiss his forehead.”

“But it seems that my wife is a little uncomfortable.”

“My son visited me again last Wednesday.”

“Since he was here 2 weeks ago, so the first time ‘officially out.'”

“I was watching ‘Red’ with my daughter (she was on my left) then my son Liam arrived.”

“He was tired and sat on my right, put his head on my shoulder while I wrap my arm around him, then I kissed his forehead and said, ‘Good to have you back buddy.'”

“We went to sleep and the next day my wife told me that It made her feel uncomfortable (me hugging and kissing my son.'

“And she asked me not to do it again.”

“While she doesn’t mind me doing it with Lucas (my other son, straight) she doesn’t want me to do it with Liam.”

“I told her that she has no business being in my relationship with my sons.”

“I also called her homophobic.”

“She accused me of not treating her like an equal parent, (to my sons) thus I said ‘that’s ok because you are not.'”

“My brother says I should understand because this is a big ‘change’ for her (a son coming out).”

“But I seriously think there is nothing to get ‘used to’ this isn’t neither her nor my problem with who my son loves.”

“Am I in the wrong?”

Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA: