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geraniumtrust offers calls to the lonely

Hello dear John,

Almost since the day that the Geranium Trust was founded, more than 6 years ago, we have received emails from older members of the LGBT+ community saying how much they'd love to be able to get to our monthly dinners and coffee mornings but they live too far from Yeovil. Time and again they write "I don't drive and there are no buses, so I can't get to you". So, right from those early days we have been keeping in touch with older members of the LGBT+ Community with the occasional phone call.

I brought this up at our last board meeting and have now been given the 'go ahead', by the trustees, to set up the Geranium Trust Friendship-Line for older and housebound members of the community who are feeling alone and isolated and would like a weekly phone call from one of our lovely Geranium Trust volunteers.

For older lonely and isolated members of the LGBT+ community who would like to have a weekly call from someone who is also LGBT+ there will be the 'LGBT+ Friendship-Line' Email: lgbt.friendship.line if you, or someone you know, would like a regular call.

We'd be truly grateful if you could kindly add details of this new service, and maybe the link to our LGBT+ Support Page, to your weekly blog. If you'd like more details please contact me.

Kindest regards,

Paul Palfrey Founder - Chair

Geranium Trust offers the opportunity for anyone feeling lonely & isolated to meet & make friends through our regular tea parties, coffee mornings, dinners, gardening & wildlife studies. All are welcome regardless of age, faith, ethnicity, status or sexual orientation. Reg charity 1176738 Visit our website to find out more.



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