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God and those gays.

There will always be those bleating on about gay and the Bible.

There will always be those who lie and manipulate the truth about what the Bible states and there will always be scared little boys hiding in the closet and screaming abuse at those of us who are out and proud while they hide and wank themselves silly thinking about willies.

Many of those who shout abuse are closet gays themselves and scared to actually ' come out' and so throw homophobic abuse at those of us they envy.

There will always be bigotry and lies from within the church as it was founded on bigotry and lies.

You have to laugh at some peoples stupidity.

You have to laugh or you will scream.

Some cannot help being dumber than a bucket of rocks while others - educated people - well - there is no excuse for playing dumb as they are educated and bright and choose to follow doctrines and beliefs that - basically - are a laugh - like Flat earthers and there is no getting through to these lardie cakes.


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