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Help for gay refugees from Ukraine

Hamilton Hall has offered a FREE TWIN / DOUBLE ROOM for 6 months or more to the government department looking to house refuges from Ukraine.

There must be tons of gay men escaping; - if they are not suppose to stay behind and fight ;- and a couple or two singles will be offered a home here as a safe place to reside while they either wait out the war and return home, or stay in the UK and become a citizen.

Whatever the case, this is the time to touch deep down within your soul and ask yourself what it would be like to live in a country that was at war with a homophobic bully ( Putin and Russia ) and you are 'on the run' leaving everything you know behind you. Friends, family, job, home, possessions, pets and probably aged relatives too old to escape. Women and children are given priority as many men have had to stay at home and fight, but for those who do escape the horrors and fear, there has to be a percentage of gay men running for their lives in more ways than one - and Hamilton Hall offers a safe and supportive home.

Hamilton Hall may have been closed for long periods due to Covid and we may have been empty this year for the longest period in 22 years I have been here and we may be struggling financially with 2020 being down almost 50% on our usual takings - and 2021 looks to be even worse - and as a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE with little reserves - being drastically reduced and we may be struggling, but I have a huge house here, full of bedrooms and comfort and when I think of those people fleeing for their lives with the basics with them, and sleeping in fields and so forth in escape, then I cannot in all decency sit here and not offer help.

I have also donated £250 to various animal charities helping the abandoned pets left behind as it breaks my heart to see.

During Covid, I have kissed goodbye to a couple of friends who were adamantly anti vac and anti Covid and I simply - do not have patience or time for such nonsense any more and you can keep whatever conspiracy you like, as when we see people running for their lives, if you are not moved by it, then you are not worthy of my friendship. If you see conspiracy theory and therefore do nothing, then conspiracy being right or wrong - YOU ARE WRONG to ignore the plight of innocent people regardless of what conspiracy is backing it. And if you do not get that, then there is something very wrong with you.

Now I have already had a couple of e mails from people asking me if this is just so I can get sex and I was utterly disgusted at the people who asked, as it says a lot about what goes on in their heads and NOT what goes on in mine.

I see people in danger. Human beings fleeing for their lives. I cannot - in all honesty, sit here and do nothing. Even if my offer is not accepted, I offered and from the kindness of my heart, reached out to those in need.

When I spoke of this to people the IMMEDIATE reaction I got too many times were that I could have sex with these guys and I was disappointed and barked at these guys for even thinking such a thing let alone assume I - would be scummy enough - to even think such a thing. I am actually disappointed at so many on the gay scene who only think with their cock and ass and assume everything is about sex or the availability - chance to find - sex - and that is PART OF WHO I AM AND NOT THE WHOLE ME.... AS I AM SO MUCH MORE -

If you wish to donate a home space for someone or a family, you can leave your details HERE

Some LGBTQ Ukrainians are fleeing Russian occupation.

Others are signing up to fight.


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