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Honey as had her operation

Honey has had her operation.

Many of you have been asking what the nasty red thing was on her left hid leg and it was a tumour.

She was not in any great pain with it but I know it was causing her some distress and being reluctant to put an old dog under the knife for fear she may not survive the anesthetic - she mustered through as right as rain and for 12 hours after the operation, we could see she was in a dream state and unaware of anything at all - and there was a time later that evening when we all saw her ' wake up' and realize where she was - how hungry she was, ' and WTF is this rubber ring thing doing around my neck - and why does my hind leg ache so much ? '

The wound looked horrendous with stitches on an 8 inch scar which on a dog IS HUGE and it was indeed, very bloody and raw.

The rubber ring thing was suppose to stop he getting at it, but by the morning the wound was completely cleaned up and looking remarkably better and she had indeed, been able to reach round the rubber ring and lick the wound clean and she has left the stitches well alone. It now looks so much better and with the passing of each day, is drying and healing nicely and when the fur grows back you won't even be able to see she has had an operation.

This being her 3rd serious operation and third 8 inch scar - and she really does seem happy afterwards that whatever the operation was for, has gone, and she actually looks more chirpy and positive.

No pictures of the wound as there is no need for that. Just know she is doing fine and with pain killers and anti inflammatory she is healing up nice and fast and BOY she hasn't lost her appetite.


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