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Huge amounts of gay men have wives & children


I would hazard a guess that around 75% of gay men have been – currently still are – or were very nearly once upon a time – married to a women.

( Not all to the same woman of course.. ha ha )

I would also hazard a guess that around 75% of gay men have children tucked away some where.

Homophobia often comes from these 'closet gay men' who envy and resent.

Either they are / were married – or had children but never married - either as a way of proving they were straight to friends and family ( or church ) – or because they felt it was the safest thing to do – or they felt cornered. Some genuinely love their wife and love their children and always wanted that straight relationship force fed us as ‘ normal and acceptable‘ by society throughout our childhood, and only until recently – a ‘normal relationship’ was considered a man and a women whereas nowadays we have an assortment of what is considered appropriate wording for people and many just confuse.

I am astounded some women’s group has not taken issue with The Bible and claim it to be misogynistic and against women – as all women in the Bible are 2nd class citizens and all are seen as either whores, virgins or mothers – no sexually active and in control of their own lives women, but all beholden in some way – to a man.

Eve was Adams 2nd wife – YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY.

Eve was Adams 2nd wife.

Lilleth was made from ONE SIDE of Adam, in equality,

and was considered equal to Adam in every way BUT the church were having none of this and when they massively compiled and edited the writings into the library of books, the Bibliotheca – the Bible - they reduced Lilleth to being the snake of evil in the Tree of Good and Evil – hence in paintings we have the snake with the head and shoulders of a women ( Lilleth ) and in replacement just a small part of Adam – a rib – was claimed to be used to create the next wife EVE who was MOST CERTAINLY not equal to Adam at all, and the only reason it is claimed why women have to give birth, which is the most dangerous thing a women can do, was because a female Eve ignored the supposedly male God, and a male husband, and picked the apple regardless of what the man had said – and for that indiscretion she was made to give birth.

She actually was never told not to eat the fruit as she came along AFTER God has supposedly had a chat with Adam about the do’s and don’ts in the Garden of Eden and Eve was nowhere to be seen, so – Adam should have told her… stupid boy.

What a fucked up revengeful misogynistic warped entity God must be – to be so fearful of one of His own creation in such a jealous and vindictive fashion.

Not very Godley dear… Me thinks this God needs some SERIOUS therapy.

Me thinks this God is a creation of a warped mans brain. A Man who was clearly scared of women. A man who was determined to lesson the abilities of women and make men the powerful ones when, in todays society, we know that it is the men who are the weaker sex, where they hide their emotions, hide their fears, hide their passion and if they even have any – hide their ability to reach out and support, nurture and create instead of shooting it with a gun and destroying.

Man, it would appear, has caused all the wars and most have been fought because of religion – fought over whose God ( Willy ) was bigger and harden and more powerful and in the right - over another whose God was – actually – exactly the same as yours – so WTF were they thinking – and like Trump, they probably thought another’s God was all just Fake News and unworthy when the fact remains, it was the same God all along.

Moses sister has had her story line decimated from the reality and just stands in the bulrushes picking her nose and little else – but the truth being that she grew to be more powerful than Moses himself and his jealousy of his own sister saw him trying to get her jailed. After her death, her ministry ( she was a Priestess for women – as it seems even that was segregated ) was so large, and so popular, it held a one month mourning period for Miriam ( another name for Mary ) and her name – Mary – was used from then on out of respect for her, as a name for training priestesses – hence there are so many Mary’s in the Bible.

We are told that Ben Hur’s Mother and sister caught Leprosy and had to hide themselves away and would ring a bell if and when coming into close proximity to others as a warning to leave and ‘ save yourselves’ from these infected women, but this is UNTRUE: absolute cobblers.

1: You do not catch leprosy.

2: Lepers rang a bell TO ATTRACT PEOPLE who would come and offer them assistance, like food and so forth and they DID NOT RUN AWAY AND HIDE and protect themselves as they knew they could not catch it.

Much of our rules, laws, guidelines and behaviour expected of us by society today, is Bible driven. Church doctrines drilled into us for two thousand years. Bigotry. Bullying. Misogynistic attitudes. Hate the Jews. Hate the Muslims. Hardly a book filled with love and compassion. It damns women as second class and men as top dog andt makes men supreme.

What a joke the Bible really is and while I respect and value it – never forget it is a load of twaddle. Massively edited - Massively mistranslated – and - Massively used to control and murder in the name of God so the church gained power and wealth and choir boys – just not necessarily in that order…

Mmmm – now that doesn’t exactly sound very loving at all.

Huge amounts of men married for fear of the church and what it might say and do and for centuries gay men married and had children and JOT OF JOYS – we now know through science, THEY PASSED ON TH GAY GENE TO THE NEXT GENERATION and here we are centuries later – gay men that the church cannot harm. Gay men that the church still fear. Gay men that were always revered and respected as being the Sooth, Shaman, Healer, Witch Doctor or Prophet and then because of the church, they were round dup and burned on the stake NOT because they sucked cock, but because the church feared gay men having an ability like ’women’s intuition’ and where they channelled God directly and did not need the switchboard of the church to do so, and the church HAD TO DESTROY THESE PEOPLE, so burned millions at the stake.

But the gay gene lived on, and here we are today.

Sex was seen as the ‘Original Sin’ – when it was actually when Eve took the apple and then changed by the church to be sex – hence Jesus’s Mother HAD to be a Virgin and so was HER Mother… as otherwise Jesus was born because of a sinful act of sex.

The Bible is only interested in procreation – where back thousands of years ago providing the next generation was paramount as so many died in infancy from bad diet, interbreeding mistakes, bad hygiene, bad food, and to create and save the tribes running around the deserts thousands of years ago from dying out, strict guidelines were put in place to harness the knowledge available and share with the people, hence some of the writings in Leviticus. Not written by God at all but by some clever Rabbi who used threats from God to frighten people to do as instructed.

Not God at all – but man.

And I say man and not a women as – a woman would have been a lot more compassionate and forgiving when making the rules and would not have God smiting you and sending you to eternal hell and damnation as these things are the imagination of some fucked up man and not a women.

We may have come a long way since men were burned for being gay and women for being witches – but millions of men and women married and continue to marry to hide their homosexuality. Fear of what family, friends, society and the church will think when they turn against what is seen as ‘normal’ and do their own thing, and the church hates this as they lose control so damn your mortal soul to hell …


Gay men were damned and destroyed throughout time itself and from the very beginning ORGANISED RELIGION and yet - NOT BEFORE.

Does anyone know the gay stories in the Bible ?

Let me know what you know.

Until next time


If my local vicar was anything like some of those pictured here, then you could guarantee I would be on my knees worshipping for hours. I would never do confession as its rude to talk with your mouth full.

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