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I'm confused, are you ?

John. I'm curious. With an election due and it seems complete confusion reigns, who will you be promoting / voting for. I read your Newsletter each week and know how you share wise and wonderful input, so how about this election ? Ruddy.

For the first time in my adult life,


I am somewhat confused.

I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do come the next election as no one seems to have a handle on the main problems and all we hear is empty promises we have all heard before and nothing is followed through, so why should we trust any of these politicians ever again ? They just say what they think we want to hear in order to either stay in their job and in power, or to actually get into power, - and not what is good for the people of the UK.

CONSERVATIVES - Spends millions on displays celebrating Muslim holidays and not one single flag to celebrate those who died in the wars - Easter or anything. It seems as if Rishi Sunak wants to turn the UK into a Muslim country and seems unaware that the people do not want this. This is Britain and we do not want Shia law. Leaving the D Day Memorial early was an absolute disgrace, disrespectful and generally damned insulting to all concerned and why - he had an ITV interview .


LABOUR - Housing is in desperate shortage and with thousands of people homeless and living on the streets, it should be a priority to house OUR PEOPLE before housing immigrants - 95% who are young adult males and very VERY few women, and these are financial migrants who are not escaping war or famine but want a better life at our expense. Most are Muslim. Most, it seems, want Shia law.

Many block our streets praying while they have their own mosques and this deliberate act is done to show a position of strength and Labour - sadly - does nothing at all to stop it.


REFORM - - Too close and friendly with one of the world most evil and vile human beings - DONALD TRUMP.

I actually quite like Nigel Farage, as he smiles, laughs, he says some things I like - as do they all, but - and as usual, there is always a but - he is too cosy with Trump but I do like what he says on the migrant problem.



Dear John: We spoke on the phone a few days ago and here are a few ideas I would offer to any leader as to what a lot of people demand.

1) Ban the burka in all public places.

2) Ban ALL displays - ie: Just Stop Oil - on public streets blocking traffic / pedestrians etc. unless it has a license from the police.

3) Ban all worship outside of designated areas - church's - mosques, etc. unless with special license.

4) Stop illegal financial immigration with immediate return to their country they come from. ( It costs less in the long run.)

5) Stop ALL benefits for ANYONE unless they have paid a minimum of 5 years tax and National Insurance into the system. Create an apprentice programme with business for school leavers.

6) All immigrants allowed to stay must complete a course on how to live in the UK and what our laws are.

7) Any migrant raping and sexually abusing anyone - regardless of age - immediate deportation and dare I say it John, - CASTRATE. - ( Too radical perhaps ? )

8) Housing for local people first. Migrants and immigrants come after locals are housed. House migrants in Migrant Centres and if they do not like it, deport immediately.

9) Mass deportation of illegal immigrants here just for financial reasons and who have no useful qualifications : ie: We need nurses - doctors etc.

10) Corporation Tax - Tax the Utility Companies - Tax all corporations and banks to pay their FULL share of taxes and no exception and fairly tax the rich as they would anyone else.

11) If trained by the NHS, tied into a 5 year contract to work for the NHS instead of being trained and then vanishing abroad to earn a fortune leaving the NHS short staffed and under funded.

12) The BBC is NOT impartial and needs government intervention to ensure an impartial, non biased approach to news.

How is that John. You asked, so there it is. I could probably go on and on and for what it is worth, so many are fearful of the Muslim invasion and take over and it is about time this was approached. If we don't take control of this now, it spells disaster in the future and is about time the UK woke up to what many other countries are doing to protect themselves from this abusive religious take over.

Christopher F. ( Harrow )

We do know that the UK is suffering from too many migrants causing a massive housing shortage, forcing rents sky high and where we cannot house our own people while the government argues over what to do with these migrants : - Floating hotel prisons off the coast of Dorset seen by locals as a take over of their town :- Rwanda - what a mess that whole scheme is : - and tragically an enormous problem with our young girls being raped and abused by men who seem to think it quite acceptable and almost all these rapists are migrant Muslim complaining about their 4 star hotel and the food offered, which we pay for while our own homeless sleep on the streets :- complain about a too slow internet connection;- and where it seems migrants rights supersede those of locals and

how our country sucks and how they wish to convert us all to being Muslim and then block traffic by sitting in the road praying when they have mosques, and this is seen as just a dominating force showing its strength.

Demanding Shia Law in the UK, and stating that WHEN THEY TAKE OVER - --- not --- IF - but --- WHEN - they take over the UK, they will go house to house and if you are not Muslim you will be ' ELIMINATED ' is terrorist talk and yet nothing is done.

Tajikistan, a 96% Muslim country, BANS women from wearing the Hijab. Children will also be banned from taking part in Islamic Eid activities, under a new law.

The Tajik parliament’s upper house has approved a bill banning “alien garments” that will formally prohibit wearing, importing, selling and advertising “clothes alien to Tajik culture.” This term is widely used by officials to describe Islamic clothing and Hijabs with officials associating the clothing with ‘Islamic extremists.’

Additionally, the bill bans children from participating in celebrations for the Islamic holidays of Eid. Individuals refusing to follow the new law face fines of up to $740, while legal entities may be fined up to $5,400. Government officials and religious authorities could incur even higher fines of up to $5,060 if found guilty of violating the “traditions and celebrations” law.


Dear John. I live in London. I have been gay all my adult life. I was threatened recently by a group of young immigrants because they guessed I was gay and started to surround me and were shouting abuse and saying I was an evil pig eating queer and child molester and THANK GOD the police showed up and they ran off like scared children, mouthing loudly how things will be different after they take over. I am now nervous to go out at nights - anywhere - as this is becoming common practice with these immigrants. It really has scared me John and all in my own country and in the city I have never felt unsafe in for over 40 years until now. Douglas.


I am 70 next April. ( This picture was taken this week and - not bad for my age huh ?? )

I have always voted and taken an interest in my country and what is best, not just for me and the LGBT scene, but what is best for - what I hope - is the UK in general - but lately - with the migrant invasion and so many countries leaning towards the right - I do Thank God I am old ( and not senile thank you ) and am afraid for the first time as to where we are headed and so confused - I haven't a clue who and what I am going to do on Polling Day. As gay men, we are all at risk.

I shall vote - but it will be a last minute decision as I listen and pay attention and see if something - ANYTHING sounds as if there is a ray of hope for the UK - a way out of this mess and a way forward where we Brits are respected and put first instead of someone coming here to rape not just our young girls, but our very way of life.

Maybe it is time for a complete change as the 2 main parties have sadly let us down and offer nothing tangible - so what alternatives do we have ?

Your input is always welcome as we are all in this together and as most of us remember the UK as it use to be - and as we are mostly of the older generation, and as we look towards our latter years, what do we want to see happening to this once great country that it seems so many want to change / ruin / take over / transform into something it is not. Is the next generation of UK citizens going to be Muslim

If someone can offer some intelligent insights into where we are headed, share with us here and help me out of my confused state.


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