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it was suppose to be a win win for us both, but it turned out not to be at all.

When someone e mails me and is local, and horny, and we meet up and enjoy some good sex, I am thrilled to actually meet a local who is my age, horny, good at what he does and then announces he is a Handy Man, whom I can offer some work to for some extra cash - and where I get all sorts of odd jobs done around the hotel - I am thrilled, as he was, especially as I had not had sex in over a year.

It's a win win for both of us.

So we arrange for him to come round one morning and start some odd jobs.

I wait in for him and as the hours pass - he is a no show.

I phone and he claims to have sent a message informing me he could not make it but - no e mail, no text, no voicemail.

So we re schedule for another day - and remember I have to arrange workers here when the guests are either out or when we are empty - and on the very moment he was suppose to arrive, an e mail comes cancelling.

So we make a date for sex - twice, and twice he doesn't turn up and I find one e mail simply saying he could not make it.

And I am left exasperated. Especially as one of the dates was all his making and he even asked for something special, which I arranged - yet still a no show.

I try and help these people in business with work and money and get fucked around.

He loved the sex we had together and yet messes me about with future arrangements he does not keep.

I write and tell him that I am NOT prepared to tolerate such bad behaviour as I run a business - I am professional and I expect others to respect and value that and offer the same in return as I cannot, and will not tolerate time wasters.

And he is not man enough to apologise and make another date for either - work or sex - and keep to it and prove me wrong and for him to make things right. He ignores me - as I suppose he is either embarrassed or annoyed at me for his own lacking.

Once again - I am fucked off - pissed off - that people are so unprofessional and uncaring towards those they make plans with.

This was also the first time I had had sex in over a year - unbelievable I know - ( and some would say - was a waste ... ha ha ) but just over a year actually, and it was fun and yet, I am NOT prepared to play stupid games and it's not like in the old days when I had a sex dungeon ready at all times, these days I have to prepare and get ready, sort out the dog and make sure guests do not want me for anything, and when someone messes about and doesn't turn up, my time has been wasted and I could have made other plans as - running a hotel, there is always something else I can be doing than have my evening messed with.

So why do so many gay men mess about in this manner ? Why are so many unprofessional in business - and why do so many make arrangements and then not keep them ? I was really looking forward to some more good nookie - but would rather have a wank on my own than tolerate bad manners and a thoughtless attitude.

He is my age - 68 - and REALLY should know better and be more respectful - and to be honest - grateful. I can understand it if I was going after 18 year olds, but a man in his later years really should have learned through the decades how to be a good and decent human being, - so why have so many missed that lesson in life ?


John - I read your piece about the workman who didn't turn up for work or the arrangement for sex and know your frustration. It is damned rude yet is so common. So many times, SO MANY TIMES, I have made arrangements and not have people turn up, even BT when they - THEY - made the date to sort my internet out and then didn't turn up and claimed to have sent an e mail cancelling KNOWING I DIDN'T HAVE INTERNET CONNECTION and the stupidity was astounding. All they can do is pick their fucking nose and go ' DOW.'

I hear your irritation.


John. I have had more ' no shows' for sex than I actually have met guys... and while I have met a lot, most times I am left high and dry. I even went to see a guy at his place and drove for 30 minutes to get there and he was out, I phoned and got the answer phone and left a message and eventually after waiting for an hour or so - went home. He never responded and I never heard again. Damned rude.

Mark Sorry to hear your frustration with your new Handy man / sex partner. It really did sound like a win win for you both. I am also a handy man and if only I lived local I would be round - on time - only too pleased to be part of something as special as Hamilton Hall is - and would be only too pleased for the work ( I am also retired and the extra cash helps ) and I cannot understand this man of yours to act in such a way.


John, we have met, I stayed at Hamilton Hall a while ago now, I have seen you naked, I know about your massive knob and I would dearly have loved a sesh with you but - this guy enjoyed the company and pleasure of you sexually and then messes you about ? Is the man nuts ? I bet that never happened to you when you were paid for sex in London as being the pro you are, I bet you protected yourself against such things. I agree, there are a lot of time wasters who really should know better.


Handy Man /Sex partner. The thought of being your handy man and even working naked in a naked hotel is a big turn on for me and the thought gives me a hard on straight away. Yet this guys messed you around ?



You do make me laugh with your Blog. I so agree with you on so much. I drove for 2 hours to meet a guy and to ' stay over night' because of the drive, and after half an hour of meeting him he asked me to leave as I was not his type. He had seen my picture and everything and I am 100% honest in my description and as he was grossly NOT what he had stated at all and the picture online of him was decades old, I really let rip and read the riot act to him and his fat belly lies. The audacity - the fucking cheek. I hear your frustration at how others are liars, unprofessional and just time wasters.


Your comment on wanting the best but getting second rate service is common John and not just happening to you. sadly, it is all too common.



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