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Dear John & Hamilton Hall

My name is Lenny and I'm emailing you from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Since Russia attacked my country, we are living a nightmare, constantly surrounded by the sound of sirens and mortar fire.

We are trying to organise and help our community as quickly as possible. But we need your urgent help to provide emergency resources, evacuation logistics, and community support during this tragic war.

We feel threatened. As LGBT+ people. As a nation. For now, our goal is to survive and support our community.

We are very familiar with the brutality and oppression faced by LGBT+ people in Russia.

We have also heard that Russian authorities intend to target LGBT+ activists here in Ukraine. Some media are even talking about a "kill list."

Many people in the LGBT+ community have joined the military, and some have volunteered to protect people in the city. Others are in immediate danger and need to leave the country.

Whether we stay to fight or attempt to get out, urgent help is literally a matter of life and death.

We are one proud nation, united and determined to resist this attack. But we need your solidarity.

Lenny Emson,

Kyiv Pride

What has Hamilton Hall done to help in these times.

Besides sending on these various pleas for financial and emotional help to thousands, we also donate as much as we can in hard earned money - and today Gary spent £50 of baby clothes from Primark - from his own weekly wage - all sizes and for both sexes - and sorted LOADS of new blankets and bedding we have in excess ( and all new - I just cannot pass a sale and keep plenty of stock in for the hotel ) and there is a shop up the road collecting for a container to be sent to Ukraine in a couple of days time and we are sorting through clothes, bedding, children's toys, play instruments and whatever we can think of that is on the list that the people need while in flight from an invading force.

Imagine what you would take with you at a moments notice - and the panic, the terror, the horrors of leaving everything you have in life - behind you. Think for a while what you would take that you can carry as a car gets stuck in traffic and most evacuate on foot, with Granny, and Grandkids and no idea where will accept them and WTF the future has in store.

I DO NOT CARE WHO IS RIGHT AND WHO IS WRONG as the west has a LOT to answer for and this war is no different to America and Cuba - ( look it up ) and Russia may be the bully here but we in the west have brought this about by being bullies.

All that said - Ukranian's are fleeing and need our help and LGBTQ Ukrainians are especially vulnerable.



Imagine a waring faction was attacking the UK. Within a few weeks things got so bad you, and just about everyone else, decides to pack up and run to somewhere safe - maybe a camp in a forest some place - who cares. Thing is - You have 2 hours to pack up anything and everything you may need for weeks 'on the road' with no outcome or destination in mind, just that you need to run for your lives with whatever you can carry.


What do you pick to take with you - and remember, you have to be able to carry this as your car is out of the question ( no fuel and huge traffic jams going nowhere - quicker to walk ) and what would you take.


MEDICATION - Med kit. PHONE & charger - who knows where and when you can charge it next but... PASSPORT / DRIVING LICENSE - I.D.

JEWELLRY ( you can use it to barter and bribe )

WARM CLOTHING, wearing as many as possible to save carrying WALKING SHOES

SLEEPING BAG - who knows where you are going to stop. FOOD - some basics for survival - being tinned food that can be eaten cold if need be. BASEBALL BAT / Hockey Stick for protection. GUN and ammo if you have one.

TORCHES - batteries

'Come on people, you've got limited time, what do you want / need to take with you.'
'Hurry up for fucks sake, they are at the city gates, we've godda go NOW. '
'Dither and dally about and we'll leave without you and you can stay here and fend for yourself.
It is every man for themselves and if you fuck about you will be left behind - PERIOD - as no one is going to risk their lives for you as you would not for them in return. NOW WAKE UP AND MOVE IT '

Do you leave your dog behind ? Clearly you leave your cat behind but the dog - you cannot feed - you cannot take with you - so tragically you leave them behind ??? What if you are the disabled relatives too old to flee - Do you say your - what could be - your final goodbyes - telling them to leave without you as taking you with them would slow everyone down and put everyone at risk ? Do you want to be responsible for getting everyone caught and shot - or would you volunteer bravely to stay at home and let the youngsters go and save themselves.

If young and healthy, you cannot help everyone. You have to watch out for yourself and those close to you and help if and where feasible as a community in flight together. You pull together and share resources and information.

Realizing that the life you thought you had known was probably never going to be the same again, is fearful at the position of not knowing.

So where and what would YOU do in a similar situation ?
Write and let me know.

As I have always said, if you complain about my language, then you are part of the problem and NOT the solution.


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