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'my nature is to help' says the man just bitten by a snake

A man sees a snake burning in the flames and decides to free it from the fire. The snake bites him as soon as he catches it, it bites him and it causes the person excruciating pain. The person immediately throws the snake away and the snake falls back into the burning flame.

At this point the person looks around and finds a metal stick. He uses the stick to save the snake from the flames

Another person who was watching the incident approached the person and asked him:

"This snake bite you! Why are you trying to save his life?"

The first man replied:

"The nature of the snake is to bite, but it will not change my nature, and my nature is to help."

Don't change your behavior because of someone's bad nature..

or getting hurt from others.

Do not lose the purity of your mind.

Learn to work with caution.! ❤


This was like us a couple of weeks ago with the gent who died here. We were all out to offer help, in whatever way we could, and I phoned the local AA and got it organised for him to be picked up and taken to an AA meeting ( Alcoholics Anonymous ) and we spoke quietly without raised voices as at the beginning and as hard as you try to help, some times peoples attitude is not what is expected and you come off the worst for wear or even accused of something you were not doing.

Friends for years have asked me why I get involved so often, and as I reply, IT HAPPENED TO ME SO WHY WOULD I IGNORE IT ?

If someone comes to Hamilton Hall., then I truly believe it is for a reason and it may be nothing to do with me or it might be someone screaming for help and no one else listens. I cannot change my nature even though some assholes think I should, ( and they can go dry hump themselves ) as who the fuck do they think they are, I am not the one screaming for help and I have always been the one helping pick up the pieces and putting things back together again, even if in a different fashion to before.


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