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Sent to me by a guest:-

The last time this happened she kept her in for a full week. It's now been 3 days since she let her out and surprise surprise, the cats been in my garden most of this time. We literally saw her bolting her way over down the street. I've told the owner again and again where she is with pictures of her just sitting here and her reply was ''oh she's so naughty please can you start spraying her with water so she comes home" - this is something I will not do and this will not make her go home! What would you do in this situation? Is it time to offer adopting the cat ? She's clearly happy at my house and willing to come indoors? I am not prepared to keep living in this pointless cycle with my windows closed, blinds closed, my doors not being open at this ladies request to stop this cat coming in to my home !


JB Responds:

Cats don’t actually have owners. They have staff, and friends. They choose their staff, and their friends. If a strange cat comes to you and decides that you’re their friend / staff, I personally choose to respect the wishes of the cat. You may THINK you own a cat, but it really is the other way round.

The owner above stated the cat had been missing for weeks and I have to ask, did they put up any LOST CAT notices around, did they do ANYTHING to look for their cat as it sounds as if they did sweet FA - and if that is the case, they do not own the cat at all, - oh they may consider it to be their cat - but if they are not bothered to search for it when it goes missing, then they do not deserve to own a cat.

A young black cat adopted my house in London as its home and as I already had two cats and a cat flap they used to come and go from, it became a problem when this strange cat came into the house, terrorizing my cats and pissing on my hall carpet, and being an unsprayed male cat - IT STUNK. No idea how but I managed to hunt down the owners of the cat living on the street behind mine and our back gardens met, and they seemed totally oblivious to the problem of owning a male unspayed cat in a city centre until I threatened to sue them for the damage caused to my property, and then and ONLY then did they actually take action and the cat vanish.

I didn't mind the cat, it was the unspayed bit I objected to as it is irresponsible and selfish to own a cat or a dog and not have hen neutered if you do not with to breed properly, but to allow a male cat to roam wild and pissing in other peoples homes and fucking all the cats it can find leaving kittens in its wake, then that irresponsible attitude - you do not deserve to be a pet owner.

Walking my dog I notice so many bad owners, grossly fat dogs that can hardly walk - owners constantly handing out biscuit treats to every dog they come across in the park, ( and I bark at this as who knows if a dog is on a medical diet and these biscuits bad for them ) and some of these fluffy small dogs walked in a shopping trolley - yapping at everything that moves while the owners think it so sweet - IT AINT - and bad owners abound.

I am actually looking for another rescue dog at the moment. Medium size, Quiet disposition. Good with people and other dogs, and I offer a forever home - and with so many doge being given up now Covid is over, it astounds how difficult it is to find...


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