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“Old age ain't no place for sissies.” Bette Davis

The quote “Old age is no place for Sissies” is often attributed to the American actress Bette Davis. The expression emphasizes that aging is not a straightforward journey. It requires a willingness to confront the inevitable challenges of advancing years.

I have learned that the best thing in old age is - to laugh - a lot - especially at the absurdity of things and even the medical issues that crop up and linger on and do not get better as once it would. I pooped my pants again this week and I could have really gone down the road of tears and dismay that this is happening to me, again - but that serves no purpose, and I laughed as I cleaned myself up as ' SOOOOO un elegant and SOOOOO not the stylish lifestyle I lived for decades ' and is yet another experience I never thought I would have and another box to tick of things in my life that affect my every day life - and while I may have poo on my hands and in my pants and as I wash and scrub my pants clean before putting into the washer ( not to dirty the water for the rest of the wash ) it reminds me of all the times I have done this for older friends and relatives who were ill when I was caring for them and now - wo and behold - it is my turn, and now I appreciate when patients and old family members said to me ' This is so not me, this is so not the way I have lived my life.' - and actually, - it is - and if you don't laugh, you'll cry and that - is somewhat self indulgent and while a good cry does you good, once or twice is enough and then - get up, get on as best you can and be thankful you are still alive and kicking, as best you can.

YES - THANKFUL - we lived decades more than many of our gay friends back in the 80's and 90's who dropped like flies in their 30's, and here I am nearly 70 and - after an amazing and extremely unusual life compared to most, I GIVE THANKS - THANKS FOR THIS LIFE and as it slowly and painfully draws close to the end, I do tear up as I miss the old days, the friends, the family, all those who have gone before me and I hope I have lived a life that has been full and lived it - not just for me - but for all those who tragically died so young. And looking back at the life I have lived - BOY - HAVE I HAD AN EXCITING AND SUPERB LIFE - SO FAR.

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