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Due to scores of smaller gas companies going bust because of the wholesale price of gas trebling in cost, scores of small gas companies have 'gone bust' and hundreds of thousands of customers stranded looking for new suppliers.
It is not worth going to another small supplier as they are going bust so one is forced to contract with one of the BIG 6.
After British Gas threatened to ' fucking break your fucking knees if you don't pay this fucking bill - do you fucking understand ?' - over a decade ago, for THEIR MISTAKE AND NOT MINE , I refuse to ever do business with British Gas.
My utility agent has found a new supplier and we have to sign up to a 3 year contract to get the best prices as ALL UTILITY COMPANIES left in business are offering VERY EXPENSIVE TARRIFS to the hundreds of thousands desperate for a new contract for gas as the weather gets colder and the price has soared.
I was paying 4.65 pence per unit plus 20% VAT and a daily charge of 27p per day.
New price ranges between - 7.5 - 9.9 pence per unit plus 20% VAT and the daily charge of between 27p - 32p per day.

And PLEASE REMEMBER - we are a business, not some small unlicensed B&B that gets away with No Health & Safety - No Food Hygiene - No Fire Alarms - No Business Council Tax - No Business Insurance - No Music License - No Hotel TV Licensee - and we have to pay premium rates for everything plus 20% VAT and small non licensed venues who charge as much if not more - have none of these precautions AND SHOULD BE CHARGING LESS. So as you can imagine - as a CLOTHING OPTIONAL VENUE - we need to keep the venue toasty warm and this has always come at a cost - HUGE GAS AND ELECTRIC BILLS - and with a doubling of the gas prices, we have to pass this onto our customers if we intend staying afloat, open and warm.

Hamilton Hall has not had a price rise in 2 years.
We are a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE but must pay our way.
I do not take a wage and work 10 - 18 hours a day - 7 days a week - 52 weeks a year and for over 21 years, plus all the stresses of running a business and coping with the gay community, which can be very difficult. In the next few days I shall be sorting out a £5 a night increase in our charges for B&B at Hamilton Hall and while I dislike doing this, if we are to stay open then you have to contribute to the costs involved. Simple as that.

We are not a charity.

We do not have any financial backers except what Hamilton Hall earns through hard work here at Hammy Hall.

We are not connected to any corporate body, government / council service, religious institution, university campus and we rely 100% of the income you spend with us.

I may own the venue and the running costs are around 85% of our actual income, so not a lot left to play with for when things go wrong and when our utility costs double in this manner, we have to pass this onto you - just like every single business in the land.

I drive a second hand old car.

I buy clothes in Primark.

I have had one holiday in 10 years - a half price LGBT Cruise that cost £500 - so not an expensive trip.

Every penny is spent back into Hamilton Hall making it as you would expect - and not just warm and toasty, but new bedding and new beds, re decorated and spruced up and not left to become a grotty dive like - sadly - so many B&B and hotels offered to gay men.. I discussed this with loads of guests and all agree it has to be done.

To beat this price increase, if you book a B&B stay here of 2 nights or more - or you book an event organised for 2022 and it has been booked and FULLY PAID IN ADVANCE within the next 28 days ( from Sunday November 7th - December 5th 2021 ) - even for an event next year - then I shall charge the original price and not the increased price and you can save yourself some money.
The Festive Season charges remain untouched as does events planned for the rest of 2021.
Thanks for your understanding and please, be aware that this is happening all over and not just to us., We are a victim to this as much as you are, and as much as thousands of small business are closing down because of lack of income and costs involved and we - through hard work and tons of stress and worry, are still here and still going - for you.



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