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Russia moves to outlaw LGBTQ+ rights movement & more

Russia moves to outlaw LGBTQ+ rights movement The country's Justice Ministry described the “international LGBT public movement” as "extremist." By John Russell Saturday, November 25, 2023

Russian authorities have moved to outlaw the country’s LGBTQ+ rights movement, labeling it as “extremist.” Earlier this month, the country’s Justice Ministry filed a lawsuit with the Russian Supreme Court aiming to ban what it called the “international LGBT public movement,” according to multiple media outlets. In a statement, authorities said that they had identified “signs and manifestations of extremist nature” including “incitement of social and religious discord” in the activities of the LGBTQ+ rights movement in Russia. Russia passes “fascist” anti-trans laws banning trans health care & marriage The law takes away numerous rights from trans people, with advocates saying it will lead to suicide as trans people feel “hopeless and trapped.” The Associated Press reported that the country’s Supreme Court will hear the lawsuit on November 30. As The Guardian noted, Russian authorities have labeled human rights groups, independent media, and groups opposing President Vladimir Putin’s regime as extremists in the past. Some have been prosecuted and received lengthy jail sentences.

It remains unclear if by “international LGBT public movement” the Russian Justice Ministry meant any specific organizations or the country’s LGBTQ+ community broadly.

Dilya Gafurova, a human rights activist who has left Russia, told Agence France-Presse that Russian authorities are not simply trying to “erase [the LGBTQ+ community] from the public field: they want to ban us as a social group.”

Igor Kochetkov, head of Russian LGBT Network, told The Guardian that it was clear that all “legal activities of LGBT organizations will be impossible in Russia” if the Supreme Court sides with the Justice Ministry. According to the BBC, an LGBTQ+ activist in Russia told the Moscow Times that the ban would make it impossible for LGBTQ+ organizations to operate. “Essentially, it would entail criminal prosecution based solely on one’s orientation or identity,” the activist said, noting that activists already “face pressure from the state, as well as from homophobic and transphobic groups, often enduring physical attacks.”

The lawsuit is just the latest move by Putin’s government to crack down on LGBTQ+ rights. In 2013, the Russian president signed a law banning so-called LGBTQ+ “propaganda” in the presence of minors.

Last December, Putin signed a new law expanding the country’s definition of what constitutes LGBTQ+ “propaganda” to include any “promotion” of homosexuality in public, online, or in media. The law also bans the “demonstration” of homosexuality to children. The 2022 law effectively outlaws any public expression of LGBTQ+ life in Russia.

Earlier this year, Putin signed a law banning transgender individuals from receiving gender-affirming care, changing their gender on official documents and public records, fostering or adopting children, and having a legal marriage, going so far as to require any marriages involving at least one trans person to be annulled.


Hamilton Hall has always offered a safe space for anyone suffering persecution, harassments or bullying because of their sexual differences to the 'normal' who like to pick fault with those of the LGBT community. The GAY AGENDA seems to be widely accepted and acknowledged as real and a current danger to children - and the straight crowd knows all about this hidden insidious ideal while I do not know a single gay person who has any idea about it at all. This hidden GAY AGENDA seems to be so well hidden that the gay crowd knows fuck all about it and I do wonder how the straights find out about something that - DOES NOT EXIST - yet they know better.

These delusional people are dangerous as ANYTHING you say to the contrary will be twisted as just part of the hidden GAY AGENDA - and this fear based clap trap is exactly how wars are started - WITH MIS INFORMATION that the ignorant public eventually believe as it is force fed down their throats and into their imagination through fake news - and the ignorant public eventually believe.

The days of a free LGBT existence is closing in on us as more countries turn their laws around and persecute LGBT and this has only really come about since Trans Rights have shown themselves to be SO RADICAL and where speaking to someone using the wrong pronoun can get you fired from your job ( WHAT THE FUCK ??? ) and compared to when we fought for Gay Rights - Trans rights are so much more politicised and where hairy chested men with a plonker - recognises as female and destroys womens sports as women cannot compete.

God only knows how this will measure out in the next Olympics .


(USA) Angry Christian parents attack school counselor who supported their lesbian daughter The daughter got a girlfriend. Her parents are now suing her guidance counselor. By Greg Owen Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Hundreds of angry parents turned up at a Kentucky school board meeting Monday night demanding justice for the conservative Christian parents of a student who confided in a school counselor that she was gay. A complaint filed with the Anderson County School Board by lawyers for Brad and Stacey Briscoe claims their 17-year-old daughter entered into a romantic relationship with another female student in late 2022 without their consent. The teen shared her situation with the counselor, who encouraged the relationship, according to the complaint. The Briscoes characterize the counselor’s failure to inform them of their daughter’s homosexuality as “seriously harmful” and a violation of the Code of Ethics of the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board. In February, the teen confessed to her parents that she and her classmate were in a romantic relationship. The Briscoes expressed to the girl their “strong opposition to homosexuality, which was based upon convictions derived from their Christian faith,” the complaint reads.

Not only did the parents object to the relationship on moral grounds, the complaint states, they faulted the teen for deceiving them. They suspended her driving privileges and forbade further contact between their daughter and her girlfriend. The complaint asserts the daughter’s punishment was the result of her dishonesty, not her sexuality, despite forbidding contact between the two girls. The parents allege not only did the counselor encourage the homosexual relationship, she entered into a conspiracy with their daughter to entrap them into making statements that could be described as “emotional abuse” in an effort to ask a court for legal emancipation.

The complaint says the counselor directed the girl to surreptitiously record family discussions and provoke her parents into abusive behavior.

The complaint also faults the counselor’s supervisor, school Superintendent Sheila Mitchell, for inappropriately conducting an “investigation” of the counselor that did not hold her accountable for multiple alleged violations of the code of ethics.

“This school employee and that superintendent, their actions should not and cannot be allowed to stand,” Brad Briscoe told the board at Monday night’s meeting, reported by the Kentucky Herald-Leader.

Anderson County resident Marty Terry spoke for the hundreds of angry residents gathered in support of the Christian parents when he asked, “What will it take for all of you to have the moral courage to stand up for the Briscoe family, or at least protect the child? Does anyone here have faith in the superintendent and the swamp that is the Anderson County school system?”

The district is not commenting on the case, citing privacy laws.



So good old Christians turn on their own flesh and blood in the beliefs - the WRONG BELIEF IN MY OPINION - that it is against God to be a lesbian.

This family needs to TRULY learn what love is and how it IS NOT CONDITIONAL on how YOU see things through rose tinted Christian glasses - but with your own two eyes and cut out the bullshit of religion. When ANY religion turns you against your own then there is something very wrong with that religion.

When ANYONE tries to tell you a relative is going to hell for being LGBT, tell them that by making that comment that THEY are one foot in hell already by being a bigoted, LGBT fear based homophobic bigot and that is NPOT how the Bible views LGBT and many - quite simply - DO NOT know what tjhe Bible actually says - or does NOT SAY concerning LGBT - and practically ALL has been manipulated and twisted by homophobic priests, vicars and the like from ALL religions as they - quite simply - fear the power gay people have spiritually and from time imortal

( for which we were the leading school for gay men in the UK )


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