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Sleep Pods are an emergency aid. They are designed for rough sleepers in severe weather conditions to help keep people warm and dry.

Sleep Pods are an emergency aid

They are designed for rough sleepers in severe weather conditions to help keep people warm and dry.


The Sleep Pod Co-Founders, Ian, Justin and Pete met while they were volunteering in refugee camps in Europe in 2015 and were driven to action after returning to the UK sometime later where the same tragic conditions are faced by people on our streets. And so Sleep Pod was born. 

After a lengthy design process, field tests, and feedback from users (and many prototypes later) the Sleep Pod can now be built on mass and distributed wherever it is needed. 

The Sleep Pod team has grown over the years and there are now 10 of us; the founders plus Caz, Rachel, Madhavi, Emma, Mai, Steve & Doug. Since starting out we’ve distributed well over 5,000 pods to people in all parts of the UK as well as Northern France.


What we say

We say that people do not need to die of exposure on the streets – anywhere – it doesn’t have to be this way. A simple, effective solution is available in the Sleep Pod and action is needed for more people to benefit.  The Sleep Pod is not a solution to the crisis, it’s one measure – an emergency shelter to be made available to outreach teams and charities for them to give to rough sleepers and refugees that haven’t managed to access existing services.

John Bellamy Comments: £30 DONATION BUYS ONE POD In one of the small parks behind Hamilton Hall I saw 2 lads with a small green tent and when I asked if it was theirs, they said they were only there for the one night ( knowing it was illegal ) and I said I didn't care how long they were there for and did they need any warm bedding as I have some spare quilts I can give them, and told them where the hotel was ( 5 minutes walk away )

They are still there many weeks later although I have not seen the guys again ,but the tent is still there.

I feel for anyone who is homeless - especially at this time of the year.

Very easy to be some smug asshole wrapped up all nice and warm in your lovely bed in your flat or house and with central heating and a fridge full of food while others suffer and VERY OFTEN , through no fault of their own.


I met a man in his late 30's who was homeless.

His lover had died of Aids.

He had a massive breakdown at the loss.

Couldn't work and lost his job.

Lost his mortgage and lost his home.

He just couldn't get over the loss and was a real mess emotionally.

He ended up homeless and sleeping rough until Earls Court Council put him in a hostel where he slept in a room full of other guys snoring, farting, getting drunk and fighting, stealing from each other - and he said he had to watch all his things and in the morning take all his things with him as they would be stolen so fast - and if he didn't get back to the hostel by 6pm there would be no beds left and he would be on the streets. All through no fault of his own. It took over a year to re house him - and although I offered him something better, he had to ' stay homeless' or the council would tick him off the list of people needing accommodation - so HE HAD to stay where he was in order to get anywhere with being re housed.

He was eventually rehoused in an appalling temporary flat - which was damp, had mould growing on the walls and as he was asthmatic, it didn't do his health any good but the council left him there for 3 years before finding a full time flat for him and he did eventually get over his loss but was a changed man after the experiences he had had. He had been bright and bubbly before and that side of him was gone. The serious, depressed sad man I met was not the man he had been at all.

So before you switch the electric blanket on.

Before you get ready to go to bed in your warm cosy room.

And before you take a nice hot shower, eat a meal and watch your telly in warmth and comfort, just spare a thought and a donation to help those sleeping rough.

Hamilton Hall donated £100 today and this will buy 3 of these sleep pods and will help with the good work these volunteers are doing, so why don't you donate and feel good about helping those in need.


Thank you for donating.

Dear John,

Thank so much for your kind donation of £100.00.

Your generosity is hugely appreciated and will help to enable Sleep Pods to be given to those most in need of protection from the elements as they sleep on the streets.

We know from research that all too often people still die from hypothermia and exposure on the streets of the UK and we have designed the Sleep Pod in an attempt to offer our rough sleeping community some meaningful protection from the elements.

There are many other ways in which you can support Sleep Pod and homeless people - through campaigning, volunteering, Gift Aid to name a few. All of the information is on our website but if you have any other questions then please do not hesitate to contact us at

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